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Essential Tips For Designing Best Selling WordPress Themes

Essential Tips For Designing Best Selling WordPress Themes

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Essential Tips For Designing Best Selling WordPress Themes

Designing a perfect WordPress theme can feel like an overwhelming task at times with all the font, color, widget, plugin, and layout choices out there. We set out to find out what it is that makes the premium WordPress themes premium. WordPress might be one of the largest online communities, but if you pay close attention, you will realize that all the best selling WordPress themes have certain design elements in common. If you’re looking for a theme for your website, or you’re trying to design one yourself, these essential tips will get you on the right track.

Clean And Simple Design Is The Cornerstone Of Best Selling WordPress Themes

It doesn’t really matter how great your content is if the design of your website is too distracting. With the introduction of iOS 7, Windows Metro and now Google Material, modern design is all about simplicity and clarity. Gone is the skeumorphic design, and flat design with bold colors and simple shapes took the center stage. You need a design that will complement your content in an unobtrusive, simple, yet sophisticated way.

Essential Tips For Designing Best Selling WordPress ThemesBuy Theme Open Demo

Clear Navigation

Keep in mind that your visitors won’t always land on your homepage. They might find a link to one of your posts, videos, or images through a social network, or a search engine, so you have to make the navigation clear and easy in order to make your visitor stick around longer. Make sure your logo is clickable and that it links back to your homepage. Place the navigation bar at the top of the page where majority of internet users expect to find it. Just like the general design of the website, your navigation shouldn’t be cluttered with irrelevant links. Place only the links to the most important pages.

Easy Customization

If you’re designing a WordPress theme you want to sell, make sure it offers enough customization options to suit everyone’s needs. You may like a certain font, or a color scheme, but that doesn’t mean everyone is going to like it, or that it’s going to fit your buyer’s brand identity. Another issue with the best selling WordPress themes is the number of people using them, so you will want to enable your buyers to customize the theme in order to stand out and not look generic.

Essential Tips For Designing Best Selling WordPress ThemesBuy Theme Open Demo

Responsive Design

More and more people use their mobile devices to access the internet nowadays, whether they’re at home or browsing the internet while waiting at the bank. Using responsive design will make sure the website scales perfectly to every screen size, and making your buttons large and finger-friendly will provide the same experience to your visitors regardless of the device they’re using. Another advantage of mobile-first design is fast loading, a vital factor that can make or break your theme.

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