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Best WordPress Optimization Tips For Stellar Performance ...

Best WordPress Optimization Tips For Stellar Performance And High Conversions

By March 4, 2015 Blog No Comments
Best WordPress Optimization Tips For Stellar Performance ...

Even the most stunning theme won’t do you any favors unless it’s optimized for performance and conversions. If you just bought a theme, this list of best WordPress optimization tips will help you set up an effective website that gets you noticed and turns web traffic into sales. Sit back, relax, and read on!

Check Your Plugins

The easiest way to boost your theme is by taking a look at the plugins you installed. Go through each plugin and determine if it’s really necessary. Does that audio plugin really add value to your website, or does it actually annoy your visitors when it automatically starts playing music in the background? One of the best WordPress optimization tips is to selectively disable plugins and measure the server performance. If the plugin is using too many resources, you’ll be better off without it. There are also plugins that automatically check the performance of your plugins if you don’t feel like doing it manually.

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Empty Your Trash

WordPress 2.9 introduced a nifty little feature called Trash. Nowadays, whenever you delete content, be it a comment, a draft, media, or a page, it’s sent to trash, where it can be permanently deleted or restored. While it is a useful feature, it can considerably affect the performance of your website, as the trash can take up a lot of space in your database. Remember, the larger the database, the longer it takes to retrieve information from it. WordPress empties the trash every 30 days, but you can change the wp-config.php file and set it up to empty the trash every seven days, or disable the trash system completely.

Best WordPress Optimization Tips For Handling Images

Images are an incredibly powerful tool: they can break up long paragraphs of text and grab and guide your visitor’s attention. However, when not optimized the right way, the images you decide to use can render your website pretty much useless. Images nowadays take up more space than ever before, which means web pages with too many images can take quite some time to load, and with today’s impatient web users, you can’t afford that. You can use one of the many image optimization plugins, or you can simply use the “save for Web” option when editing your images in Photoshop.

Best WordPress Optimization Tips For Stellar Performance ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Minimize External Scripts

Each time you add an ad to your website, embed YouTube videos, or even include the official social media sharing buttons, your website has to make requests to external servers, which you are not in control of. This means you have to be willing to sacrifice performance for the sake of the external content. We don’t say you have to stop using them, but instead, use them in moderation.

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