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The Anatomy Of The Best WordPress Themes: 3 Things To...

The Anatomy Of The Best WordPress Themes: 3 Things To Keep In Mind

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The Anatomy Of The Best WordPress Themes: 3 Things To...

The number of websites built using WordPress is growing at mind-boggling rates, and more people than ever are looking for the right theme to set up their blog, website, or a portfolio. You’d be silly not to give it a shot and try to develop premium WordPress themes and earn some extra cash on the side. However, considering the number of themes being published on a daily basis, figuring out what works and what doesn’t can be tricky. While your end-goal should be a unique theme, we have a list of things all the best WordPress themes have in common.

The Anatomy Of The Best WordPress Themes Starts With The Layout

There are so many different, incredibly creative WordPress themes out there that it’s easy to forget what a standard theme looks like. At the core, each WordPress theme consists of the header, footer, sidebar, and the loop. The loop displays the WordPress post content on a website: the code within the loop affects which posts are displayed, as well as other components, such as the author, title, and date for each and every of these posts. No matter how many posts there are, the loop will apply the same formatting over and over again.

The Anatomy Of The Best WordPress Themes: 3 Things To...Buy Theme Open Demo

Avoid Function Name Collisions

Name collisions happen when there are two or more functions with the same name, resulting in fatal error messages. While this may sound like an obvious one, you’d be surprised just how often name collisions happen, simply because most developers use common words when naming the functions. So, how do some of the best WordPress themes prevent this from happening? You have two options to consider here. You can either prefix the name of your function to avoid name collisions, or you can wrap your functions inside a class. For example, if the name of your plugin is “AvaThemes Weather Plugin,” you could use atwp_ prefix in all your functions.

Don’t Forget wp_head() And wp_footer()

This one is incredibly easy to overlook. There’s a wp_head() function inside the head tags of most WordPress themes. A lot of plugins use this function to “hook” code in WordPress header. To a beginner, this may not look like an important function, but it’s absolutely essential for many plugins to function properly. A similar function, wp_footer(), can be found in the footer as well, and it’s used to hook code in the footer.

The Anatomy Of The Best WordPress Themes: 3 Things To...Buy Theme Open Demo

In order to make your theme stand out from the crowd, you will have to make it different. However, as you’ve seen, there are some best practices and standards all the best WordPress themes have in common without which you can’t even think about creating a dynamic theme. Make sure you stick to them, and showcase all your creative through the visual design instead.

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