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4 Powerful WordPress Design Tips To Boost Theme Sales

4 Powerful WordPress Design Tips To Boost Theme Sales

By February 21, 2015 Blog No Comments
4 Powerful WordPress Design Tips To Boost Theme Sales

WordPress has become such a popular platform that it’s no surprise so many developers decide to jump on the bandwagon and start selling themes. Developing a WordPress theme is pretty easy, but developing a theme that people will actually want to buy requires a lot more than just impeccable coding skills. Chances are, your potential buyers open a dozen tabs and flip through them looking for the right theme to buy for their website. Want to know how to make your themes stand out from the crowd and how to boost theme sales? Read on!

Ensure Cross-Browser Compatibility

We all have a browser we prefer for browsing the internet, but you should keep in mind that you’re developing a theme to sell, and not everyone is going to be using the same browser as you are. In addition to developing a theme that will appeal to your buyers, you have to make sure the theme works across all popular browsers. Keep in mind that while Firefox and Chrome usually support the latest technologies, browsers like Internet Explorer still require a great deal of care and attention. Don’t make cross-browser compatibility an afterthought – instead, test the look and feel of your theme regularly as you code it in all browsers. Compatibility is a huge purchase factor: it can either boost theme sales or make your potential buyers take their business to your competitors.

4 Powerful WordPress Design Tips To Boost Theme SalesBuy Theme Open Demo

Don’t Start From Scratch

While WordPress theme development does require a lot of researching, coding, debugging, and tweaking, there are some shortcuts even the most successful developers use. For example, if you don’t want to spend hours on end coding a plugin or a widget you want to include in your theme, you should consider using one of the official plugins developed by WordPress, or buying a third-party one. Great thing about using third-party plugins is the fact it’s been tested by many other users and developers, and chances are, all the major bugs and issues have been resolved.

Another important shortcut almost all developers use are starter themes. It will provide you with a great base upon which you can build your own theme, and save you tons of time. And just like with the plugins, most of these starter themes are being used by many different developers, which means they are less likely to be ridden with bugs.

4 Powerful WordPress Design Tips To Boost Theme SalesBuy Theme Open Demo

Keep Up With The Latest Trends To Boost Theme Sales

In order to provide your buyers with the latest features, make sure you’re using the latest version of each and every third-party plugin you decide to include in your theme. Doing this will not only enrich your theme, but also help you avoid majority of security threats: reputable developers are constantly working on providing the best features and high security standards. Also, in order to boost theme sales, make sure your themes are compatible with the latest iteration of WordPress to ensure smooth performance.

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