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Building Premium WordPress Themes You Can Sell

Building Premium WordPress Themes You Can Sell

By April 22, 2015 Blog No Comments
Building Premium WordPress Themes You Can Sell

Countless premium themes are being published every day, and with that comes the challenge of standing out. Customers are demanding higher quality and greater functionality leaving theme developers searching for new ways to make their work stand out. While there are thousands of tutorials, tips and tricks online, figuring out what makes one theme sell better than the other can feel overwhelming. However, keeping these vital rules in mind while building premium WordPress themes will make your life a lot easier.

Building Premium WordPress Themes Starts With Great Design

Long before you write a single line of code, you need to do your homework and research your potential buyers, and come up with a solid development plan. Don’t rely on thinking you know what your buyers want. KNOW what they need and what appeals to them. Are you building premium WordPress themes for photographers? Bloggers? Online store owners? What features will your potential buyers be looking for? Do your research and sketch out the layout before you begin coding. This way you’ll have clear goals and guidelines to follow, which means you won’t get distracted by the unnecessary bells and whistles your buyers will never use.

Building Premium WordPress Themes You Can SellBuy Theme Open Demo

The Code Is Just As Important As The Design

Keep in mind that great design is what grabs the attention of your potential buyers and makes them want to find out more about your theme. However, once you manage to get their attention, the code will be the difference between a buyer making a purchase and doing business with another developer. Pay close attention to even the smallest details. Not only will your buyers be looking for well-organized and intuitively structured code, but many theme markets will refuse to sell your theme for your unless the code meets all the coding standards and best practices. Keep the indentation consistent throughout your code when building premium WordPress themes, and include informative comments other developers will use to edit your code more easily.

Stay Up To Date

If you do your homework every time before you start building premium WordPress themes, you’ll be well on your way towards a theme people will want to buy. Just like you don’t want to end up with a theme that looks like it’s been designed 5 years ago, you’ll also want to make sure all the third-party plugins and widgets you’re using are up to date to ensure maximum security. Also, keep track of the deprecated functions no longer supported by WordPress. You can check the WordPress Codex if the function has been deprecated and find a suitable replacement, or you can use one of the many plugins that do it for you.

Building Premium WordPress Themes You Can SellBuy Theme Open Demo

It’s Easier Than You Think

Building premium WordPress themes doesn’t have to be time-consuming. The key to a great theme that actually sells is doing your research, coming up with a unique and appealing design and writing high-quality code. For everything else, there are countless tutorials out there. Regardless of the problem you run into, chances are you’re not the first one and the solution has already been posted.

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