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Building WordPress Themes You Can Sell: It's Easier Than ...

Building WordPress Themes You Can Sell: It’s Easier Than You Think

By December 16, 2014 Blog No Comments
Building WordPress Themes You Can Sell: It's Easier Than ...

The growing WordPress theme market has made competition stronger than ever: buyers demand higher quality, more appealing designs and better features, and your competitors are tirelessly working on new themes, or updating the existing ones. If you’re planning to enter the industry and start building WordPress themes to earn some extra cash on the side, there are certain things you have to keep in mind in order to be a successful developer and actually turn a profit.

Building WordPress Themes Starts With A Goal

Even though the industry is highly competitive, there are some incredible opportunities for developers. It’s a diversified industry with a wide range of buyers. Regardless if you’re going to be building WordPress themes for end users or themes other developers are going to buy and customize, all the best themes have certain elements in common. It’s all up to you, from audience you’re going to target, features you’re going to include, to the overall look and feel of your theme. If you start without a defined goal, you’ll get lost, discouraged, and maybe even give up on the project altogether.

Building WordPress Themes You Can Sell: It's Easier Than ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Bringing Ideas To Life

If you’re just starting out and you’re new to building WordPress themes, it’s a good idea to start small. Define a market you’re designing your theme for, as it will be much easier to decide which features your theme is going to need. It doesn’t matter how appealing your theme is if you build a photography website without a portfolio section, or a shop website without an appropriate eCommerce plugin, your multipurpose theme with quirky fonts will be useless for attorneys… You get the gist. Make sure your theme is appropriate for your audience, from the visual elements to the features you include.

Customization Is Vital

Another thing worth mentioning: make sure your theme is easily customizable, because no one likes generic websites. If you do achieve your goal of designing an incredibly successful theme, hundreds of people are going to be using them for their website, and their goal, as should be yours as well, is to stand out. While building WordPress themes, you will want to give your buyers enough options to customize it to suit their needs, but not too many options as that may be off-putting to many buyers who aren’t skilled in coding.

Building WordPress Themes You Can Sell: It's Easier Than ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Customization options are important if you’re planning to sell your theme to other developers as well. Many developers buy basic themes and work their way up, so make sure you give them enough space to make good use of your theme. Also, don’t remember to document your code well, and organize it in an intuitive and usable way.

Marketing Isn’t Just For Big Brands

We’ve all seen it happen countless times. A mediocre product with great marketing strategy can overperform a superb product advertised poorly. You have to invest just as much time in marketing as you do building WordPress themes. Developers have more ways of promoting their themes than ever, and choosing the right strategy can be a difficult task. You can choose to promote your themes on your website, using social media and paid ads, or you can sell them using some of the many WordPress theme markets for a small fee.

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