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3 Most Common WordPress Development Mistakes And ...

3 Most Common WordPress Development Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

By May 21, 2015 Blog No Comments
3 Most Common WordPress Development Mistakes And ...

WordPress development has become an industry of its own, and the amount of code being written by users, developers and agencies is truly staggering. However, you’d be surprised just how many developers keep repeating the same mistakes. While it’s true that everyone makes mistakes, you should look out for these common WordPress development mistakes. Not only will you save yourself a lot of headache, but you’ll be able to write better code, and do it faster. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Poorly Written Code Is One Of The Most Common WordPress Development Mistakes

This is definitely one of the most common WordPress development mistakes developers make, especially when just starting out. If you want to develop a premium theme that people will want to buy, you have to make sure your code is organized well and easy to understand. Majority of your buyers will probably never see the actual code, but you do need to keep in mind that other developers might end up buying your theme and customizing it, or even use your theme as the starting point for developing their own theme, which is why you should follow coding standards issued by WordPress.

3 Most Common WordPress Development Mistakes And ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Even if you’re developing a theme just for yourself, a structured code with consistent naming, spacing and indentation, as well as well-written comments can save you a lot of time down the road. While you may be happy with the theme now, keep in mind that you might go back and try to implement new features, fix bugs, or customize the code a few months, or even a year later. The process will be a lot easier if you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out what a particular line of code actually does.

Plugins Or Themes

This is an age-old question. While developing a theme, you have tons of decisions to make, one of them being where to place features. Should you write the code of a functionality inside your theme file, or as a separate plugin? There’s a pretty straightforward solution here: code a separate plugin whenever possible. This is purely for the sake of practicality. Say, you develop a theme and implement custom blog post format, but you or your buyers decide to switch to a different theme. Chances are, many themes won’t support the custom posts, which means the content will simply disappear. This is one of those common WordPress development mistakes that can easily be avoided with some planning and foresight.

3 Most Common WordPress Development Mistakes And ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Not Keeping Up Can Be Disastrous

We’re not talking about design trends here. One of the most dangerous, yet most common WordPress development mistakes is using outdated plugins and widgets. In addition to risking incompatibility with the latest version of WordPress, which can render them pretty much useless, you’re also exposing yourself and your buyers to serious security risks, as many updates include vital security patches that prevent hackers from stealing information or taking down the websites based on your themes. So, in order to ensure seamless performance and highest security possible, make sure you’re keeping everything up to date.

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