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Are You Making These Common WordPress Mistakes? Here's How To Avoid

Are You Making These Common WordPress Mistakes? Here’s How To Avoid Them!

By September 22, 2015 Blog No Comments
Are You Making These Common WordPress Mistakes? Here's How To Avoid

With WordPress becoming more popular than ever, it’s no wonder so many developers decide to join the industry and try to earn a little extra cash on the side. And with so much code being generated on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that mistakes happen – from silly typos to catastrophic security bugs. Still, you’d be amazed how many developers, especially beginners, keep making the same mistakes. Read on to find out what some of those common WordPress mistakes are, and more importantly, how to avoid making them!

Follow WordPress Coding Standards

WordPress is an open-source, collaborative platform, which means it’s not just you that can access the code and tweak it. Chances are, if your theme or plugin becomes popular or featured on a theme market, other developers will want to use it as a starter theme for their own theme, or they’ll simply want to implement their own features. This is where WordPress coding standards can save both you and your buyers a ton of headache down the road.

Are You Making These Common WordPress Mistakes? Here's How To AvoidBuy Theme Open Demo

Coding standards help to improve the readability of code and help to avoid common coding errors. And it’s not just other developers that can benefit from this – even you can come back to your code few months down the road to fix a bug or update the theme or a plugin and following the coding standards can be the difference between you fixing the bug in a matter of minutes and spending the entire weekend going through your code trying to figure out what went wrong.

Never Start From Scratch

Unless you’re a beginner trying to practice your coding skills, you’ll never want to start coding a theme from scratch. This will not only make the entire process longer than it should be, but it will also increase the chances of buggy code. Think about it – some of the most popular starter themes are being used by hundreds of other developers, which means they’ve been optimized for seamless performance and all the bugs have already been fixed. Coding each theme from scratch is one of the most common WordPress development mistakes that turn out to be behind most of the bugs developers run into.

Are You Making These Common WordPress Mistakes? Here's How To AvoidBuy Theme Open Demo

A Mistake More Annoying That These Common WordPress Mistakes? Loading Time!

Speed is one of those things that go unappreciated till it’s gone. No one will ever sing you praises for developing an incredibly fast WordPress theme or a plugin. Increase the load time a couple of seconds and you’ll get hundreds of emails from customers complaining. However, it’s not just the website visitors that are annoyed by websites that load slowly – even Google is tracking this, which makes not optimizing your theme or plugin for fast performance is one of the most dangerous, yet incredibly common WordPress mistakes that can bring an entire business down.

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