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Essential Tips For Creating WordPress Themes That Sell!

Essential Tips For Creating WordPress Themes That Sell!

By November 17, 2015 Blog No Comments
Essential Tips For Creating WordPress Themes That Sell!

Creating WordPress themes can be an incredibly rewarding hobby – not only will you be able to showcase your creativity, but you can also earn some extra cash on the side. However, if your considering jumping onto the bandwagon, you need to keep in mind that there are countless other developers out there creating WordPress themes and trying to sell them, which means you need a solid plan if you’re hoping to stand out and actually make sales. Luckily for you, we can help! Read on to find out more about our favorite tips and tricks that will help you boost sales.

Do Your Homework Before Creating WordPress Themes

While you may love creating WordPress themes, bear in mind that there are many others developers out there that love it just as much as you do. The difference between a professional developer and a hobbyist is having a solid plan! Creating WordPress themes for photographers or musician might give you a lot of creative freedom, but there are countless themes already out there targeting these particular niches. Your job is to find a niche with high demand and low supply – it’s pure math.

Essential Tips For Creating WordPress Themes That Sell!Buy Theme Open Demo

Even if you didn’t really imagine yourself creating WordPress themes for churches, for example, you’ll have a much better chance of standing out, because there are fewer developers targeting that particular niche, and the themes already out there are selling like crazy, which means the demand is high! Take some time and do your research to find an ideal niche that will let you stand out more easily.

Follow The Basic Coding Standards

WordPress, unlike custom website design, is an open-source platform loved for its customizability, and you shouldn’t restrict your buyers, otherwise you might lose more potential sales than you think. So, when creating WordPress themes, make sure you follow the basic WordPress coding standards, and other developers and more advanced users will have a lot easier job of customizing your theme, whether it’s tweaking the look and feel or adding new features. To take your theme a few steps further, consider building a custom options panel when creating WordPress themes to be as inclusive as possible. This will enable even the beginners to achieve the full potential of your theme without having to learn to code!

Essential Tips For Creating WordPress Themes That Sell!Buy Theme Open Demo

Customer Support Isn’t Optional

There’s a difference between creating premium themes and creating WordPress themes just for fun – the customers came to expect great customer support when purchasing a theme, so you’ll want to build a reputation of a reliable developer by updating your themes on a regular basis, fixing bugs, implementing new features and offering exceptional customer service.

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