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3 Creative WordPress Tips To Get You To The Featured Page

3 Creative WordPress Tips To Get You To The Featured Page

By October 21, 2015 Blog No Comments
3 Creative WordPress Tips To Get You To The Featured Page

Being a part of the WordPress industry can be an amazing experience. It is one of the most versatile online tools not only to showcase your creativity and skills, but also to earn some extra cash on the side. However, we’ve all seen many developers start with all the excitement in the world, but ultimately fail at turning profits. You see, there are countless developers out there fighting for the same potential buyers, and you’ll have to bring your A game if you want to stand out. Luckily for you, we’ve got three creative WordPress tips that are bound to get your theme to the featured page and create some buzz around your work!

Grab Potential Buyer’s Attention From The Get-Go

We’ve all done it: we’re considering buying something, so we sit down and start researching, with 10-20 browser tabs opened at the same time. Your potential buyers are the same, and if your WordPress theme doesn’t immediately stand out, they’ll click that red X sign and forget all about you, which is why we’re kicking off this list with one of our favorite creative WordPress tips – setting up the demo!

3 Creative WordPress Tips To Get You To The Featured PageBuy Theme Open Demo

You can spend hours crafting the perfect theme description telling your potential buyers why they should buy your theme – or you can simply show them. Set up a demo version of your theme and pay close attention to each and every detail, leaving no stone unturned. Invest in compelling photography and ditch that old Lorem Ipsum copy. Don’t just throw in random low-quality images in there, or use the same image dozen times on the same page. Everything counts – from the color scheme to the imagery, so make sure your theme stands out the moment your potential buyers open the page!

Let Them Have A Taste Of The Pure Awesomeness

While not one of the world’s most creative WordPress tips, you’d be surprised how many developers refuse to offer a free version of their themes. Here’s the thing, though: it really works! People want to take your theme for a spin before deciding to commit and make a purchase, so consider setting up a free preview with limited functionality. Once they see what your theme is capable of, they’ll want the good stuff as well, improving the chances of making a sale. Even if only a small portion of users decide to make a purchase after setting up a website using your theme, there will still be many websites out there with a link to your premium theme in the footer sending other potential clients your way.

3 Creative WordPress Tips To Get You To The Featured PageBuy Theme Open Demo

Creative WordPress Tips For Better User Experience

We get it, you want your WordPress theme to stand out so you pack it with all the features that come to your mind and you enable your buyers to customize pretty much every single element of your theme. However, too many options, just like not offering any options, can be incredibly off putting. If you do have a considerable number of options, consider setting up a custom options panel to help your buyers make sense of it all. This way even beginners will never be scared away by feeling like total n00bs.

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