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Free vs. Premium vs. Custom WordPress Theme – How To Choose The ...

Free vs. Premium vs. Custom WordPress Theme – How To Choose The Right Theme For Your Website

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Free vs. Premium vs. Custom WordPress Theme – How To Choose The ...

If you’ve been researching various web solutions for your business website, portfolio or a blog, you’ve probably looked into WordPress as one of the options. Incredible ease of use, unlimited customization options and affordable prices make it one of the most popular content management systems out there. However, considering the available options buyers face when looking for a theme, finding the right one can be a challenging task. Not sure whether you should go with a free, premium, or custom WordPress theme? Read on to find out more about each!

Free WordPress Themes: Doing Yourself A Service Or Disservice?

While there are certain benefits of using free WordPress themes, there are also some disadvantages to keep in mind. Using free themes won’t burn a hole in your pockets, sure, but they rarely come with any guarantee, a regular update cycle, or even any kind of support. Another thing you should keep in mind is that there are probably countless website already out there using the same theme, which makes setting up a unique website a challenging task.

Free vs. Premium vs. Custom WordPress Theme – How To Choose The ...Buy Theme Open Demo

There’s nothing inherently bad about using free WordPress themes. A developer may release a free version of their premium or custom WordPress theme for demonstration purposes, often with limited functionality or supported by ads. If you’re giving WordPress a try for the first time without a serious commitment, giving free themes a chance isn’t such a bad idea.

Premium vs. Custom WordPress Theme: Luxury Or Necessity?

A premium WordPress theme is more than just a fancy way to say “theme for sale.” While developers build free themes to build their portfolio, practice coding, or just for fun, premium themes are oftentimes a result of extensive research, days and weeks of coding and usually come with full customer support. And most importantly, premium WordPress themes are not so common, which can give a unique look and feel to your website.

Free vs. Premium vs. Custom WordPress Theme – How To Choose The ...Buy Theme Open Demo

A custom WordPress theme is essentially a premium WordPress theme with an added twist – they’re completely unique. Not all developers are willing to work on a custom WordPress theme, as it involves quite a lot researching and preparation: the developer will usually talk to you about your goals, style preferences and needs, as well as the features you’ll need for your website.

Which Way Should YOU Go?

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re just checking out what all the buzz around WordPress is about, with no real intention of maintaining a website, you can get away with a free theme. However, if you take your website seriously, you should definitely consider a premium theme. Not only will you get better support and more features, but you’ll also have the comfort of knowing that not every website in your niche is using the same theme. And once your website gets traction and starts attracting and converting more visitors, you can switch to a custom WordPress theme that’s been designed to suit all your specific needs.

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