3 Ways WordPress Developers Can Provide Excellent Customer Support

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3 Ways WordPress Developers Can Provide Excellent Customer Support

One of the most important differences between free and premium WordPress themes is customer support. And how you handle customer support can make or break your reputation, affect the sales, and even shape your workday. Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress developer buried under hundreds of emails from customers asking for help or a beginner about to join the WordPress developer community, we’re sure these tips will help you cut down the number of emails from dissatisfied customers, boost your productivity, and improve your reputation.

Customer Support Isn’t Optional

Have you ever run into a problem with a service or a product? Think about it, what were your first steps? Contrary to the popular belief among developers, your customers don’t exist only to bury you with emails. Most people will first try to find a solution on their own before contacting customer support. And if you handle customer support poorly, they’ll take their complaints to social networks and review sites. So, if you’re in the business of developing premium WordPress themes, you better have an effective support system. What makes customer support great?

3 Ways WordPress Developers Can Provide Excellent Customer SupportBuy Theme Open Demo

Write Theme Documentation That Packs A Punch

Customer support begins even while you’re writing the code. Chances are, advanced users and other developers will end up purchasing your theme, not just absolute beginners, which is why well-organized and thoroughly commented code is vitally important. You’ll save the buyers trying to tweak the code or implement their own features a lot of headache by commenting everything you believe they might not be familiar with.

Also, consider including a FAQ or readme file with the theme files with tips on using your theme, answering some of the questions you get most often, and sharing a trick or two to help your buyers make the most of your theme.

Set Up A Useful Website

Your website is not just for showcasing how creative and innovative your WordPress themes are. It can also be a powerful customer support tool. Consider setting up a knowledge base for your themes with an in-depth overview of all the features and detailed instructions on how to set up the theme and the plugins you included.

3 Ways WordPress Developers Can Provide Excellent Customer SupportBuy Theme Open Demo

Offer Multichannel Support

Most customers today believe social media is becoming the next tier of customer support, which means you need to keep an eye on your social profiles just as much as on your email. More than 80% of customers in a recent survey said they would not buy from businesses who leave social media complaints unanswered, so you’ll want to focus on timely responses.

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