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Expert Guide To Developing WordPress Themes You Can ...

Expert Guide To Developing WordPress Themes You Can Actually Sell

By April 4, 2015 Blog No Comments
Expert Guide To Developing WordPress Themes You Can ...

The thought of developing WordPress themes for a living can be exciting. You’ve been honing your coding skills, and you have a great idea for a theme that will sell like hotcakes. However, there are certain telltale signs that distinguish professionally developed premium themes from their free counterparts. In order to develop a theme that sells, you will want to keep these few things in mind.

Keep Your Code Organized And Well-Structured

Out of all the tips for developing WordPress themes that sell, this one is perhaps the most important one. Regardless if you want to sell your themes to the end-users, or other developers, a well-structured code is essential for any type of more advanced customization down the road. For example, it’s a good idea to use // for single-line comments and /**/ for multiple-line comments to add concise and meaningful comments to your code, and make sure you indent the nested lines of code.

Expert Guide To Developing WordPress Themes You Can ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Another great idea is to always include an extensive Read Me file explaining all the features you think your buyers might not be familiar with and include some frequently asked questions. This will considerably decrease the number of support requests, and your buyers will be much happier using your theme.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Developing WordPress themes can be a fulfilling project, creating something appealing and incredibly functional using only your keyboard. However, you’ll soon get tired of writing the same lines of code, time after time. Using starter themes will save you tons of time: many of them come with a wide selection of predefined templates you can use to develop your own unique theme. Whether it’s HTML templates, CSS samples for sidebars, or even keyboard navigation between images for galleries, starter themes can drastically cut down your development time. Another great thing is that many developers have used those themes, which means all the bugs have already been fixed.

Expert Guide To Developing WordPress Themes You Can ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Developing WordPress Themes Is Easier Than You Think

In order to end up with a theme that will appeal to your buyers, you have to do your homework long before you begin actually developing WordPress themes. Even the best coding skills won’t do you any good if you’re not sure what you’re developing. Start by researching your audience. A theme that would appeal to a high-fashion photographer won’t mean anything to a lawyer looking for a simple theme. Determine what visual elements appeal to your buyers and the features they’re looking for, and developing the perfect WordPress theme that sells like crazy will be a lot easier.

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