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Essential eCommerce WordPress Theme Tips Every Developer Should Kno...

Essential eCommerce WordPress Theme Tips Every Developer Should Know About

By June 23, 2015 Blog No Comments
Essential eCommerce WordPress Theme Tips Every Developer Should Kno...

A website is arguably the most important marketing tool of any business nowadays, big or small. This is especially true for businesses that sell their products and services exclusively online. When even brick-and-mortar stores must have a solid online presence in order to succeed, it’s no wonder that WordPress themes are in such high demand. If you’re developer about to develop a theme for business owners, we have a few important eCommerce WordPress theme tips to help keep you on the right track.

eCommerce WordPress Theme Tips For Designers

In order to come up with a theme that people will actually want to buy, you’ll need to make sure you do your homework long before you write the first line of code. While you may believe that online sellers are your target audience, you need to actually narrow down your target audience even further, since it will affect the overall design of your theme. Once you know who your ideal buyer is, you’ll have a much clearer vision what your theme needs to look like and will keep the development process straightforward. Are you targeting vintage clothing stores, local real estate agents, or edgy music producers?

Essential eCommerce WordPress Theme Tips Every Developer Should Kno...Buy Theme Open Demo

eCommerce Plugin Integration Is Paramount

WordPress comes with unlimited options, allowing its users to set up any kind of website they can imagine. However, you do need to keep in mind that most buyers won’t really invest that much time into researching plugins and widgets they can use with your theme, which means, unless you’re planning to code your own plugin, you need to include a powerful, yet easy to use third-party eCommerce plugin. There are countless plugins out there, WooCommerce being one of the most popular.

Great Code Adds Value To Your Theme

While startup and small business owners will probably make up the majority of your buyers, keep in mind that other developers might also buy your theme and use it as a starter theme to develop their own themes. Not only that, but you might revisit your theme months, even a year down the road and try to implement a new feature, and unorganized code won’t do you any favors. Keeping your code well-organized and commented will make your life a lot easier. One of the most important eCommerce WordPress theme tips that can instantly boost sales is to remember to include informative, clear, succinct comments in your code, but to also provide your buyers with a readme file covering all the frequently asked questions, and even a tutorial or two explaining how to use particular features, as well as the theme in general.

Essential eCommerce WordPress Theme Tips Every Developer Should Kno...Buy Theme Open Demo

Responsiveness Can Make Or Break Your Theme

Even though this might sound like one of the most obvious eCommerce WordPress theme tips, you’d be surprised how many developers are still overlooking the importance of responsive design. Responsiveness is a must-have feature of any website, not just the ones built using WordPress. If you want to make sure your theme sells, making it responsive is an absolute must. Even Google updated their search algorithm to give higher rankings to mobile-friendly websites, which means your buyers won’t give your theme a second thought unless it’s responsive.

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