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Effective Design Tips For WordPress Themes That Sell: The...

Effective Design Tips For WordPress Themes That Sell: The Anatomy Of The Perfect Theme

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Effective Design Tips For WordPress Themes That Sell: The...

In the ever-changing world of web design, selling WordPress themes has become an industry of its own. There are more websites offering both free and premium themes than ever before, and the customers are demanding higher quality, and better functionality. In order to stand out from the competition in the crowded marketplace, you will have to pay close attention to every element of your theme, including both functionality and appearance. There isn’t a magical potion that will help you design the perfect theme absolutely everyone will love; however, there are some basic effective design tips that can make a huge difference in your sales.

Pick A Niche

Before you ask yourself HOW you’re going to build a WordPress theme, you have to first answer the question WHY you’re building a WordPress theme. People are usually searching the theme directories for specific themes optimized for their type of business, so you have to take into consideration your target clients long before you start designing. Are you going after photographers, restaurant or all-organic shop owners, writers, or musicians? The end result for every of these niches will be considerably different. Once you choose a niche, the design process, decision-making, and following the rest of these effective design tips will be much easier.

Effective Design Tips For WordPress Themes That Sell: The...Buy Theme Open Demo

One Of The Most Effective Design Tips: Be Original

While imitation could be considered the sincerest form of flattery, this is definitely not the case in web design. Absolutely everyone gets inspiration from sources all over the place, but what you do with that inspiration truly counts. You have to end up with a unique, outstanding theme that will appeal to your target audience, and not a poorly executed copy of a successful theme that will destroy your reputation. Try to see every theme you create as another step towards creating your own recognizable style that people will respect you for.

Go Big Or Go Home

Web users are incredibly inpatient, so you will have to make your theme stand out the moment they see it. You can’t afford to take any of the design steps lightly, even the finishing touches. No matter how great the theme is, or how carefully you follow these effective design tips, if you don’t present it in a great way, your potential client will move on to the next theme, and never think of you again. Even the images, and the text you use in your theme preview can make a big difference. Do your research. Your target audience will be a major factor when it comes to choosing the colors, layout, and images for your theme.

Effective Design Tips For WordPress Themes That Sell: The...Buy Theme Open Demo

Give Your Users Options

No matter how happy you are with the end result, you have to keep in mind not everyone will love absolutely every decision you made during the design process. This is why it’s vital to make your theme customizable. However, you don’t want to give your users too many options, because themes that are too complicated can be frustrating for users that want to get the job done as quickly as possible. Make the interface, not just the design, as intuitive as possible. The option page you include can make or break your theme, so include only things you know your users will use.

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