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Essential WordPress Theme Elements To Wow Your Buyers

Essential WordPress Theme Elements To Wow Your Buyers And Boost Your Sales

By March 7, 2015 Blog No Comments
Essential WordPress Theme Elements To Wow Your Buyers

Excellent coding skills will only get you so far in the increasingly competitive WordPress community. There are thousands of developers out there dishing out countless new themes, so in order to stand out from the crowd, grab the attention of your potential buyers and actually sell your theme, you will want to consider adding a few, if not all of these essential WordPress theme elements. If you don’t, you risk falling even further behind your competitors.

Essential WordPress Theme Elements That Instantly Grab Attention

The old age adage that a picture is worth a thousand words still rings true, and for good reason. By now you’ve seen at least one theme with a slider. Our eyes are instantly drawn to images, and when done right, homepage slider can help your theme stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of your potential buyers. There are many options, whether you want to code your own slider, or buy a third-party one.

Essential WordPress Theme Elements To Wow Your BuyersBuy Theme Open Demo

Demo Content Can Make Or Break Your Theme

Only a few of your buyers are ever going to see your code, so no matter how well your theme is coded, or how detailed the theme documentation is, if you don’t showcase your theme in the best possible way, you won’t get the attention you were hoping to. Don’t throw in random, low quality images. Make sure you choose professional imagery with 300dpi resolution in order to give your potential buyers an idea of what their website may look like.

Some developers decide to go even a step further and include the demo content when selling their themes, which is definitely a good idea. This way, the buyers will be able to set up their website with just a few clicks of their mouse, and go on customizing their website how they see fit. Just make sure the copyright licence allows you to distribute the images if you bought them online.

Essential WordPress Theme Elements To Wow Your BuyersBuy Theme Open Demo

Customizability Sell!

One of the most essential WordPress theme elements all buyers are looking for is customizability. What’s the point of buying a theme if you can’t customize it to fit all your needs and convey your unique brand? Let your buyers customize as many elements of their websites as possible. What makes a truly outstanding theme is a powerful and easy to use customization panel: many developers choose to design their own panels in order to enable even the complete amateurs to quickly customize the appearance.

When writing the code, make sure it’s well-organized and documented. Each and every feature your buyers might not be familiar with has to be thoroughly explained and you should consider including a detailed how-to tutorial to help them customize their websites without bombarding your inbox with questions like “How do I change the color of the header?”

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