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5 JavaScript Tricks Every Developer Should Know About

5 JavaScript Tricks Every Developer Should Know About

By June 19, 2015 Blog No Comments
5 JavaScript Tricks Every Developer Should Know About

JavaScript is a lightweight, dynamic, object-oriented programming language primarily used for web pages, but with many other neat non-browser applications as well. While JavaScript is slightly more difficult to master than, say, HTML and CSS, it’s one of the most important programming languages you need to learn if you’re considering a serious career in web development. To help you get started, we’ve got five essential JavaScript tricks that will save you a lot of headache and frustration.

Use === Instead of ==

When it comes to equality operators, JavaScript supports two sets, === matched with !== as well as == and !=. However, it’s best advised to stick to the former set, as the latter includes automatic type conversion. === and !==, on the other hand, will consider both value and type while comparing, but won’t do any automatic type conversion.

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Use ‘var’ Before The Variable Name

While creating variables don’t forget to use the var keyword. If you forget this, the variable gets added to the global scope which is definitely a bad thing. Using the var keyword will limit the variable to the function, making it inaccessible outside of the function in which it’s declared.

JavaScript Tricks For Handling DOM

Even though many developers might think this is one of the most obvious JavaScript tricks, you’d be surprised how many still access the DOM directly. DOM is pretty much everything on your website, and JavaScript allows you to manipulate any element of the web page in real time. However, accessing DOM directly every time is a resource-consuming process. Cache the code in a variable instead, which will make the entire process a lot quicker.

5 JavaScript Tricks Every Developer Should Know AboutBuy Theme Open Demo

Place The Scripts At The Bottom Of The Document

One of the most important things that affect the effectiveness of a website is the time it takes to loads completely, which is exactly why you’ll want to place the JavaScript element at the bottom of your page. This is one of those JavaScript tricks that help you optimize the page for speed, making sure the page elements load first before executing the script. This will come handy especially if you’re using JavaScript for special functionality like when you click a button.

Don’t Use eval()

The eval() function gives you access to JavaScript’s compiler and evaluates or executes an argument. If the argument is an expression, eval() will evaluate it, and if the argument is actually one or more statements, it will execute them. Not only will using this function considerably affect your script’s performance, but it also poses a huge security risk because it grants far too much power, which means you should avoid using it at all costs.

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