Developer’s Guide To Marketing WordPress Themes: The What, The How, And The Where Of Selling WordPress Themes In 2015

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Developer's Guide To Marketing WordPress Themes: The What, The How...

In our previous post, we discussed what it takes to develop a WordPress theme people would actually want to buy, and we also briefly mentioned some of the most effective sales tactics. Today we’re taking a closer look at the best tips, tricks, and tactics for marketing WordPress themes and boosting sales. Even though we’ll be focusing on WordPress themes, most of these tips will work for marketing plugins as well. Let’s get started!

Marketing WordPress Themes On Social Media

There’s no denying we’re living in an age of social media. Social networks such as Facebook or Twitter no longer serve just to connect with your friends and family – more and more business owners are starting to harness the power of social media in their marketing efforts. However, if you want to reach the full potential of your social presence, it’s not enough to post a random thought every now and then.

Developer's Guide To Marketing WordPress Themes: The What, The How...Buy Theme Open Demo

Don’t be everywhere, or you might spread yourself too thin. Instead, pick two or three social networks your potential buyers are using the most and post on a regular basis. Keep in mind, though, that social networks are a two-way street. You need to be able to engage your followers in a real conversation. To take is a step further, offer your fans and followers exclusive discounts to show your appreciation.

Combine Quality Content With Your Social Media Strategy

Even though social networks are a powerful tool for marketing WordPress themes, no one likes a hard sell on social networks. Instead, make sure you are sharing interesting content with your followers 80% of the time, and promoting your themes the other 20% of the time. In addition to sharing interesting links you stumble upon, set up a blog on your website and create new content on a regular basis with tips and tricks for potential buyers to share on social media. This will increase traffic to your website, and improve your SEO, as fresh content is one of the most important factors search engines use to rank websites.

Developer's Guide To Marketing WordPress Themes: The What, The How...Buy Theme Open Demo

Offer Something For Free

People love free stuff, there’s no doubt about that, and free stuff can be a great boost for your marketing efforts. Consider offering a free version with limited features to allow your potential buyers to try out your theme before buying it. Remember to include a “Buy This Theme” link, so even if your users don’t end up making the purchase, their websites will essentially become an ad for your theme, spreading the word about your business.

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