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3 PHP Development Tricks Even Your Grandma Would Love!

3 PHP Development Tricks Even Your Grandma Would Love!

By December 1, 2015 Blog No Comments
3 PHP Development Tricks Even Your Grandma Would Love!

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages, and it’s the most widely used language for programming on the web. Platforms such as Facebook and WordPress would be practically useless without it, which means if you’re developing themes or plugins for WordPress, you won’t get anywhere without solid knowledge of PHP. We gathered some of the most effective PHP development tricks for better results, and we’re sure you’ll find something in here, whether you’re a beginner, or an experienced developer looking to brush up on your knowledge.

2 PHP Development Tricks To Keep Your Code Organized

One of the first PHP development tricks every developer learns is using white space and indentation. One of the very first things developers start slacking at is white space and indentation. Many advanced text editors will add indentation automatically, but if you have the feature turned off, you’ll want to make sure you add indentation manually, because it will make your life a lot easier down the road.

3 PHP Development Tricks Even Your Grandma Would Love!Buy Theme Open Demo

While technically not one of the most important PHP development tricks when it comes to the functionality of the code, writing comments throughout your code is vitally important, especially if other developers will be going through your code. Even if no other developer ever sees your code, chances are you’ll come back to your code 3-6 months down the road to tweak something, and having well-commented code will help you make sense of the code a lot easier.

Enable Error Reporting

Error reporting in PHP can save you a lot of headache. This is one of those PHP development tricks that will enable you to find bugs in your code that you might not have noticed yourself, as not all bugs are fatal and some will never stop the execution of the application, but might cause other issues down the road. There are different levels of reporting, but E_ALL will display all the errors, critical and warnings alike.

3 PHP Development Tricks Even Your Grandma Would Love!Buy Theme Open Demo

Learn About Security

Learning PHP is relatively easy, and considering its popularity, it’s no wonder that so many people are learning the language and using it. However, with all that comes with a price – there’s tons of malicious code online beginners regularly copy snippets of and use in their applications without realizing the danger they’re putting their users in. While copying code snippets from the web might sound like one of the world’s best PHP development tricks to save time, it can actually cause more damage than good.

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