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Premium WordPress Theme Development Made Simple: ...

Premium WordPress Theme Development Made Simple: What Makes A WordPress Theme Premium?

By November 17, 2014 Blog No Comments
Premium WordPress Theme Development Made Simple: ...

Considering the popularity of WordPress, it’s no wonder so many designers are trying their luck at premium WordPress theme development. Popularity of the platform is still growing, so if you were thinking about joining in, this might be the perfect moment. After all, the gigantic size of the WordPress’ user base simply means the number of opportunities to make a considerable amount of money selling WordPress themes is practically unlimited. However, we still see many web designers struggling with selling their first theme. Before you start designing your first theme, check out these tips we believe will quickly get you on the road towards selling your work.

Free Vs. Premium

Free WordPress themes are usually developed by amateur designers, or students honing their coding skills. Such themes are usually unstable, and the design is far from being high quality. If you choose to design a premium theme, you have to make sure to create a high quality design. No matter how much time, effort, or even money you spend on marketing your theme if your potential buyers don’t like the look and feel of your theme.

Premium WordPress Theme Development Made Simple: ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Premium WordPress theme development isn’t just about pretty themes. We all are incredibly careful when making online purchases, and so are your potential buyers. With free themes, you get what you see, with no guarantee that the theme will work, or that the author is going to update it in order to fix a usability or security a bug. You have to offer more than just a pretty design: you have to offer a guarantee, some sort of customer support, or a theme update schedule to fix any bugs that might have sneaked past your final inspection.

Premium WordPress Theme Development Isn’t About You

While many designers choose to build free WordPress themes to showcase their knowledge, skills, and talent, you have to keep your target audience in mind. Don’t go over the board with unnecessary bells and whistles; aim to predict and meet your potential buyer’s needs. Try to build a stable, fast, secure theme your buyers will easily update, customize, and use to build their website. Make sure you leave enough space for their creativity as well.

Premium WordPress Theme Development Made Simple: ...Buy Theme Open Demo

When you do sell your first theme, you will want to make sure everything goes smoothly. Don’t make your buyers google if they’re not sure how to use a feature you included in your theme. Premium WordPress theme development also includes creating extensive documentation about your theme with frequently asked questions, setup and update instructions, as well as explanations for any features you think your buyers might not know a lot about. If you do include documentation in your theme, you will have less customer support inquiries, which will make your life a lot easier.

Make The Code Accessible

There are two groups of potential buyers: the end-client, and other developers looking for themes to customize, edit, and resell. If you want to cater to the later, make sure you follow the guidelines on HTML and CSS published by WordPress. This, combined with your documentation, will make customizing your theme much easier to other developers.

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