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Responsive WordPress Theme Design Made Simple: Esse...

Responsive WordPress Theme Design Made Simple: Essential Things To Keep In Mind

By January 30, 2015 Blog No Comments
Responsive WordPress Theme Design Made Simple: Esse...

The number of people using mobile devices to access the Internet is still growing at an exponential rate. Smartphones, smart watches and eyewear aren’t changing just the way we access websites, but they also considerably affect the way we develop websites as well. If you want to stay competitive in the design industry, you have to make sure you stay up to date with the latest trends and practices, and the most vital one is definitely switching to responsive WordPress theme design.

Mobile First Approach

Adapting and designing websites for mobile devices goes further than just being able to stuff your entire website on a smaller screen – mobile first approach changes the way we think about the website content itself. With the smaller screen real estate comes the challenge of prioritizing the content and removing the unnecessary elements. While a desktop user will probably want to see your entire portfolio and read your blog, mobile users might be more interested in context sensitive information like your location, contact information, or your working hours.

Responsive WordPress Theme Design Made Simple: Esse...Buy Theme Open Demo

Responsive WordPress theme design is about determining what the most important information a website should communicate on the smallest screen is, and building up from there. It’s a lot easier to add elements to the basic, essential structure to fit bigger screens, than removing elements from a complex website to fit a smaller screen.

Responsive WordPress Theme Design Frameworks

Frameworks are essentially packages of files and folders with standardized HTML and CSS code and JavaScript documents developers use as the starting structure to build websites. There are countless responsive frameworks available online, but the most popular ones are Bootstrap and Foundation. Using a framework can save you considerable amounts of time, simply because you won’t have to start from scratch.

Another benefit of these frameworks is the fact they’ve been tested and used many times, so you will be required to do less debugging and testing on various browsers. However, if you want your responsive WordPress theme design to truly stand out, you should consider coding your own grid, as the popular frameworks don’t offer too many customization options and the websites built using popular frameworks tend to look similar.

Responsive WordPress Theme Design Made Simple: Esse...Buy Theme Open Demo

The Issue Of Size

One of the biggest issues with mobile devices is the bandwidth performance. While images are incredibly effective tool to help you grab the attention of your visitors, you’ll want to make sure they’re flexible in size to fit any screen and optimized for mobile bandwidth speeds. Internet users are rather impatient, which means they won’t stick around for long waiting for the website to finish loading. Another thing that frustrates mobile users is clunky navigation. The best solution is creating two navigation menus, one for desktop browsers and another for mobile devices in order to offer a smooth browsing experience.

Keep in mind that an appealing theme will grab the attention of your potential buyers, but the features will be the difference between a potential buyer doing business with you and moving on to another developer. Responsive WordPress theme design will help you cover all the bases, stand out from the crowd as a competent developer, and attract more buyers.

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