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Making Serious Cash Selling WordPress Themes: What You...

Making Serious Cash Selling WordPress Themes: What You Should Know

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Making Serious Cash Selling WordPress Themes: What You...

Are you a web designer trying to earn some extra cash? Or are you tired of your full-time job and in need of something new to shake things up? Either way, you should definitely consider designing and selling WordPress themes. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, so it’s no wonder that marketplaces selling WordPress themes are exploding in popularity. If you think it’s the right time for you to join in, follow these simple tips to design and sell a theme people will want to buy.

Find A Niche And Stick To It

People looking for a theme will often search the internet to find the theme that will suit the purpose of the website they have in mind, and the content they want to showcase, promote, or sell. Once you define the niche you want to cater to, the rest of the process will be much simpler, from researching the best design practices, to promoting the theme to your target audience. Different niches have wildly different requirements, and being able to anticipate the needs of your buyers will save you hours and hours of unnecessary work.

Making Serious Cash Selling WordPress Themes: What You...Buy Theme Open Demo

Follow The Standards

You might be interested in selling WordPress themes to the end user, or other theme developers, but either way, you will want to follow the HTML and CSS standards published by WordPress. Many theme marketplaces have specific theme coding requirements you have to meet before putting up your theme for sale, and if you want to sell your theme to other developers, following the coding standards will make customizing your theme a lot easier for them.

You should also consider including extensive documentation with the setup and update instructions and frequently asked questions. Explain everything that’s unique about your theme and what you think your buyers will not fully understand, or know how to use. This way, reading your code will be a lot easier, and you will get a lot less complaints.

Selling WordPress Themes Is About Standing Out

There’s so much more to selling WordPress themes than just exceptional coding skills. What’s the use of a perfectly coded theme that doesn’t appeal to your buyers? Other than meticulous coding, you have to pay attention to the visual elements and usability, making sure you design a visually appealing theme that will work seamlessly. Keep in mind that, even thought it’s a new industry, theme markets are already full of great designers trying to sell their work, so you have to make sure your theme stands out for all the right reasons.

Making Serious Cash Selling WordPress Themes: What You...Buy Theme Open Demo

Don’t Forget About Marketing Your Theme

You are a web designer, and it goes without saying that you should have a perfect portfolio to showcase all of your work if you want to get into the business of designing and selling WordPress themes. However, having a portfolio is far from being enough. You have to put real effort into promoting it, using social media, paid ads, or offering free trials to get people to notice you. If you decide to use a marketplace like Theme Forest to sell your themes, you won’t have to maintain a store website, and you’ll be able to reach a wider audience. However, marketplaces usually demand a cut of the profits, so make sure you do your research.

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