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3 Things All Successful WordPress Themes Have In Common

3 Things All Successful WordPress Themes Have In Common

By February 14, 2015 Blog No Comments
3 Things All Successful WordPress Themes Have In Common

Developing premium WordPress themes people will actually want to buy requires a lot more than outstanding coding skills. In addition to coding and marketing your themes, you will have to spend quite some time researching your potential buyers, their needs and personal preferences, as well as the latest trends to stay competitive. Here are a few things all successful WordPress themes have in common – things to keep in mind when developing your theme if you want to keep your buyers coming back for more.

Last Call For Non-Responsive Themes

Responsive design was a truly revolutionary approach that changed the world of design, and it’s definitely here to stay. However, websites that automatically adapt to fit the screen of the device the visitor is using is far from being a novelty – pretty much all the successful WordPress themes were designed using responsive design. If your themes are still not mobile-friendly, you’re in a grave danger of falling behind your competitors even further.

3 Things All Successful WordPress Themes Have In CommonBuy Theme Open Demo

Most Successful WordPress Themes Use Ghost Buttons

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” may sound like the biggest cliche ever, but it’s still true, particularly in web design. There’s no denying the fact that people respond to images much better than to endless walls of text, which is why majority of most successful WordPress themes feature big, bold imagery that instantly grabs the attention of the visitors.

Adding hollow buttons with only the border and the text of the button with compelling hover effects make an elegant and memorable impression on your visitors without distracting them, enabling them to focus on the imagery instead. Considering how well ghost buttons pair with large background images and videos, we’ll definitely see more successful WordPress themes using them this year.

3 Things All Successful WordPress Themes Have In CommonBuy Theme Open Demo

Endless Scrolling Rules The Internet

If you ever used Facebook or Twitter, chances are you already know what endless scrolling is all about. It goes hand in hand with responsive design, enabling users to scroll down the page instead of trying to tap on the link when looking for the information they need. Some successful WordPress themes go even a step further, opting for a one-page layout and organizing the content into intuitive page blocks, ditching the need to build different pages. Whether you choose to go with a one-page layout, or take the more traditional theme layout, keep in mind that users have become accustomed to scrolling with the increase in use of mobile devices to surf the web. In fact, many would say that scrolling has won over clicking.

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