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Essential Theme Design Tips Every WordPress Developer ...

Essential Theme Design Tips Every WordPress Developer Should Know

By January 9, 2015 Blog No Comments
Essential Theme Design Tips Every WordPress Developer ...

Hundreds of WordPress themes are being released every week, and with a growing theme market come greater demands: buyers want immaculate performance and stunning design, which means you will have to do your job exceptionally well if you want to sell your themes. Designing a theme that sells better than others can be a difficult task, but it’s far from being impossible. These simple theme design tips will help you get started.

Design Will Help You Stand Out

It’s a known fact that people decide whether to stick around and browse a website in the first few seconds after they land on the homepage, which means you have to wow the visitors with your design, simply because they won’t stick around long enough to discover all the amazing features you included if the design doesn’t appeal to them. Keep the design simple and well-organized. Your theme should be easy to navigate, so stick to the standard methods: visitors expect the navigation bar at the top of the page, with all the important links organized into sections.

Essential Theme Design Tips Every WordPress Developer ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Readability is also a crucial factor. If you want to design a theme that sells, make sure not to opt for unreadable, too complex or small fonts. Stick to 2-3 font types, and pay close attention to contrast. If you use light background, use the black color for your font. Keep in mind that images are best viewed on dark backgrounds, while reading is easiest on light backgrounds.

Features Are Paramount

Great design is just the first step of your design process. Having a beautiful theme is useless if it doesn’t offer most, if not all, features your buyers need. In order to decide which features to include, you will have to determine your target market. You will design a theme for photographers differently than you would for a law firm. Once you know who your ideal buyers are, you will have to predict their needs. Do they need audio support? Are they going to use that stunning gallery you worked on for days, or just remove it from their website?

Essential Theme Design Tips Every WordPress Developer ...Buy Theme Open Demo

One Of The Most Ignored Theme Design Tips: Performance

While including great features in your theme and tweaking the design to perfection should be your top priority, don’t forget to optimize your theme’s performance. It may sound like one of the most obvious theme design tips, buy you’d be surprised how many beautiful, feature-packed themes are frustratingly slow. People expect pages to load instantly, and this will never happen if your website is ridden with page bloat and conflicting plugins and features. Don’t include design elements your buyers won’t need just to make your theme flashier, and always check if the third-party plugins are compatible with your code and with each other.

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