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Best WordPress Theme Marketing Strategy To Help You Sell

Best WordPress Theme Marketing Strategy To Help You Sell More

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Best WordPress Theme Marketing Strategy To Help You Sell

You can be world’s best WordPress theme developer, spending days and weeks perfecting your latest theme, but if you don’t pay just as much attention to your theme marketing strategy, you will never see the results you’re hoping for. Sure, being a skilled developer is essential, but what’s the point of designing a top-notch theme if no one ever hears about it, let alone buys it?

Effective Theme Marketing Strategy Comes Before The Design

And we mean that literally. In order to both design and sell your theme, you have to define your ideal buyer long before you even touch your keyboard. Figuring out the industry you want to design a theme for and defining the key design elements such as colors, layouts, plugins and widgets will help you focus on the right things and streamline the design and the marketing process. You want your theme to offer all the necessary tools your buyer will be looking for and avoid unnecessary bells and whistles that will only increase the loading time of the website.

Best WordPress Theme Marketing Strategy To Help You SellBuy Theme Open Demo

Once you figure out who your ideal buyer is, be it a restaurant owner, a music producer, or a budding photographer, and you design the theme that perfectly suits their needs, promoting your theme will be easy. By that time you will already know whom you’re targeting, where they spend their time and where they shop.

Go Big Or Go Home

This is where the fun starts. In order for your theme marketing strategy to work, you will want to cover all your bases, from your website, social media presence, to well-known theme markets. Optimizing your website for search engines should be your top priority. Research keywords and use them everywhere you can – in the meta description, image titles, blog posts and even your social media posts. Once your potential buyers find your website through a search engine, they will be judging your design skills from the moment they enter your website, so make sure it leaves a great impression.

Build a strong portfolio and make sure you include testimonials, because no matter how great your theme marketing strategy is, nothing trumps raving customer reviews. Your potential buyers will feel much safer once they read favorable reviews and see how many people did business with you. In order to drive the point home, offer outstanding customer support. No matter how great your designing skills are, there will definitely be some bugs in your theme, and customer support is a vital factor in purchase decisions.

Best WordPress Theme Marketing Strategy To Help You SellBuy Theme Open Demo

Consider Popular Marketplaces

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up and running your own website, you can always choose one of the popular WordPress theme directories. You will instantly get enormous exposure to thousands of buyers looking for a theme. Keep in mind, though, that these marketplaces operate on commission, and you will have to fight for the attention of the visitors with many other developers.

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