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Top WordPress Design Tips To Design, Develop And Sell ...

Top WordPress Design Tips To Design, Develop And Sell Premium WordPress Themes

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Top WordPress Design Tips To Design, Develop And Sell ...

Selling WordPress themes is no longer just about developing a powerful and functional theme. The industry is experiencing an exponential growth, both in terms of designers and buyers, and every step you take towards selling your theme must be with one goal: to stand out from the crowd. The design has to be stunning, the theme has to work seamlessly, and you have to put in a considerable amount of time in promoting your theme. This is much more difficult than it sounds, but it’s far from being impossible. Follow these top WordPress design tips, and you’ll be on your way to building a best-selling theme in no time.

A Best-Selling Theme Starts With An Idea

In order to create a WordPress theme that sells, you have to determine who your potential buyers are. It doesn’t matter how great your coding skills are, or how well the theme works if the people you’re trying to sell it to don’t like it. Research your target audience: are you designing a theme for artists, law firms, photographers, investors, or toy store owners? Research the colors, layouts, and trends of the industry. Focusing on a niche will greatly affect the look of your theme, and you want to do everything in order to design a theme that will appeal to your buyers.

Top WordPress Design Tips To Design, Develop And Sell ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Top WordPress Design Tips To Code A Powerful Theme

Once you determine the look and feel of the theme you’re trying to create, you can start developing it. Make sure you include the right features: designing a website for a online retailer without the eCommerce feature is pointless. However, try not to include every widget and plugin available – this will only slow down your theme and frustrate your buyers. Your code should be well-organized and commented, offering the basic features and enough intuitive customization options to enable your buyers to tweak the theme to their liking.

Promote It The Right Way

It doesn’t matter how great your theme is if no one ever hears about it. Many developers make the same mistake: they build a theme and sit back, waiting for their Twitter followers to start spreading the word. While social media is a powerful lead generator, it’s hardly enough. Whether you set up a website of your own to sell your themes, or you choose to use one of theme markets because you can’t be bothered with SEO and website maintenance, make sure you showcase demo versions of your themes. Don’t just throw in random low quality images and say you followed our top WordPress design tips: look for high-quality, attention-grabbing images for your live preview, because you will only get one chance to leave the best impression possible.

Top WordPress Design Tips To Design, Develop And Sell ...Buy Theme Open Demo

And there you have it. No list of top WordPress design tips is complete without these three major elements: design, code, and marketing. Mess up one of them, and your theme will get no attention, and you will have wasted hours and hours of your time for nothing. However, if you focus on all three of these areas, your will be on your way to having a best-selling theme.

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