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Expert Guide To Becoming A Top WordPress Developer

Expert Guide To Becoming A Top WordPress Developer

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Expert Guide To Becoming A Top WordPress Developer

Anyone can learn the basics of coding, but not everyone can develop a successful theme that actually sells. Ever wondered what it takes to become a top WordPress developer, build a large following and have your themes featured on the front page of theme markets? Read on to find out what all the best developers have in common and what sets them apart from the rest.

Developing The Perfect WordPress Theme: The Very Basics

Each and every developer has his own style of coding, but if you want to become a top WordPress developer, you will want to end up with a theme people will want to buy. While a poorly structured code doesn’t have to drastically affect the performance of your theme, it definitely will affect the sales.

Expert Guide To Becoming A Top WordPress DeveloperBuy Theme Open Demo

There are four main programming and markup languages needed to develop WordPress themes: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and of course, PHP. Make sure you follow the coding standards of each, as many theme markets refuse to sell themes that don’t comply with the coding standards and best practices. Another vitally important thing to keep in mind are code comments that will help other developers use your code. Keep the comments short, precise and informative.

Customer Support Is More Than Replying To Emails

One of the reasons people decide to buy a premium theme instead of using a free one is the fact that premium themes get regular updates, and your themes shouldn’t be any different. In addition to fixing any bugs that crept into your code, you’ll also want to keep your theme fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress, if you want to avoid the dreaded “white screen of death.” Regularly checking the compatibility with the latest version of WordPress will ensure your buyers never see a blank page after installing your theme.

Expert Guide To Becoming A Top WordPress DeveloperBuy Theme Open Demo

Almost every top WordPress developer has a certain way of handling customer support, but you should consider including a list of frequently asked questions in your theme’s documentation, a few tutorials explaining how to use the theme and troubleshoot some of the most frequent problems. This way you won’t have to waste hours and hours on answering the same questions, and your buyers will feel much better about themselves once they manage to solve a problem on their own.

Becoming A Top WordPress Developer Takes Time And Dedication

There are countless developers in the WordPress community, and if you want to make it to the top, than you need to spend at least one hour researching and reading about WordPress development. The WordPress codex is a community-edited repository for all things WordPress, and it’s a great starting point for beginners. The key is to make a commitment to learning and honoring that commitment by setting aside the necessary time to see it through.

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