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3 Reasons Why Updating WordPress Is Vitally Important

3 Reasons Why Updating WordPress Is Vitally Important

By September 1, 2015 Blog No Comments
3 Reasons Why Updating WordPress Is Vitally Important

Whether you’re a professional developer or an end-user, chances are, you noticed how often you’re prompted to update to the latest version of WordPress. WordPress updates are released so often that many users end up ignoring the update prompts, and updating WordPress only when a new, ground-breaking feature is released. This is a serious mistake – one that can affect the performance, security, and even your productivity. Thinking about skipping the latest update? Here’s why you shouldn’t!

Updating WordPress Ensured Highest Level Of Security

WordPress is an incredibly popular content management system powering countless websites, which makes it one of the prime targets of hackers and data thieves. And to make matters worse, it’s also open source, which means there are people constantly looking for bugs and security holes they can take advantage of. If you’re not using the latest version of WordPress, that means you’re using a piece of software with known security vulnerabilities.

3 Reasons Why Updating WordPress Is Vitally ImportantBuy Theme Open Demo

Updating WordPress, on the other hand, ensures you’re using the most secure version. Bonus tip: it’s not only WordPress that requires regular updates to ensure highest security possible – you’ll also want to make sure you’re regularly updating all the plugins and themes you’re using on your website.

New Features And Compatibility With Existing Ones

It’s not only better security that comes with regularly updating WordPress – every major WordPress release comes with cool new features that simplify and improve the entire experience. For example, WordPress 4.0 introduced improved plugin install experience, 4.1 enabled inline image editing, and 4.2 came with faster plugin updates. Sometimes, however, WordPress deprecates functions and features. That means they get replaced by new functions or are no longer supported, and may be removed from future versions, which is why, if you’re a developer, it’s crucial to develop your themes and plugins for the latest version of WordPress.

3 Reasons Why Updating WordPress Is Vitally ImportantBuy Theme Open Demo

Speed And Other Performance Improvements

WordPress developers are constantly working on improving speed and ensuring seamless performance. For example, WordPress 4.2 boosted JavaScript performance in navigation, while WordPress 4.1 improved complex queries which optimized performance of websites using those queries. Since the speed is one of the major factors affecting both the SEO and user experience, updating WordPress isn’t something you should be skipping if you’re taking your website seriously. If you can’t be bothered updating WordPress manually, you can tweak the wp-config.php file to get automatic updates by copying and pasting this line of code:
define('WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', true);

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