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WordPress Design Tips To Build A Theme Your Clients Will...

WordPress Design Tips To Build A Theme Your Clients Will Fall In Love With

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WordPress Design Tips To Build A Theme Your Clients Will...

The introduction of the internet didn’t only change the way we communicate, it changed the society as we know it. As technology evolved, so did we. We chat, watch movies, listen to music, order clothes and food online. We also research a lot more, simply because the world truly is at our fingertips. People especially do a lot of researching before making a purchase. Click, click, click. Your potential clients have at least 10 tabs open, looking for just the right WordPress theme for their business. Keep in mind that you’ve got only a few seconds to make the best impression possible. Is your latest theme up to par with your competition?

Creating website themes is an excellent opportunity to show your knowledge, skills, and your talent. However, as skilled as you may be, there’s one thing you have to keep in mind the entire time while building a theme: your target audience. It doesn’t matter if your theme works perfectly, if it uses the most useful shortcodes, because if your potential clients don’t like what they see, they’ll leave your portfolio. Click. And they’re gone to the next one. Design trends do change quickly, but there are some essential WordPress design tips that will help you create a theme your clients will love.

Research Your Target Audience

Before even laying a finger on your keyboard, you have to know who you’re designing for: is it an artist, or a corporate organisation, photographer, or a writer, a teacher, or a political candidate? Try to know as much as possible about your potential clients, because this will affect absolutely every decision you make down the road. Once you know who your target client is, you’ll know which colors to use, how to design the layout to accommodate text, images, or audio tracks, and even which plugins to include. Even the best WordPress design tips are useless if you don’t know who you’re designing for.

WordPress Design Tips To Build A Theme Your Clients Will...Buy Theme Open Demo

Always Start With The WordPress Starter Theme

This is one of the most important WordPress design tips to have in your toolbox. We’re not saying you’re not good, or creative enough to start from scratch, far from it. Starter themes like Narga and Underscores have been tested by countless users, and used to build some of the best premium themes available on the market. Using a starter theme will help you understand how WordPress works, what are the best practices, and will provide you a solid foundation to express your creativity.

One Of Often Ignored WordPress Design Tips: Pay Attention To Fonts

Regardless of the industry you’re designing for, text is one of the most essential elements of every design. It boosts search engine rankings, but also communicates important information like location, email address and phone numbers – all vital elements of a website that help convert visitors into paying customers. It goes without saying that the fonts you choose to use for your theme can make it or break it.

WordPress Design Tips To Build A Theme Your Clients Will...Buy Theme Open Demo

Before using a font you like, ask yourself whether it’s appropriate for your target audience, but also, more importantly, is it compatible with the popular browsers. This is why it’s always a good idea to include several fonts in the font family property. If the browser doesn’t recognize the first font, it will fall back to your second choice, instead of using the default font.

There you have it, three most essential WordPress design tips to help you get started. Also, try to leave enough space for your clients to customize your theme to their liking, include enough widgets and plugins to meet most of their needs, but most importantly, build a theme that is fast, stable, and compatible with as many operating systems and browsers as possible. Happy developing!

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