WordPress Design Tricks That Will Save You Time And Boost Your Sales

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WordPress Design Tricks That Will Save You Time And Boost

WordPress is one of those things that changed the internet from the ground up. Nowadays, pretty much anyone can set up a website, which means that the demand for appealing, feature-packed WordPress themes has never been higher. The bad news? Competition has never been tougher. Luckily, there are certain WordPress design tricks that will help you stand out in a saturated market and develop themes people will want to buy.

Carefully Consider The Layout

It’s important you think like a user before you get your hands dirty and start coding. Your goal should be a user-friendly theme visitors will love, and more importantly, know how to use. Don’t just randomly throw in page elements. In the western world, we read from top to bottom, left to right, which means the most important elements should be placed in the upper left area, and less important content can be neatly tucked away in other parts of your layout. Give an intuitive and coherent presentation of the content without confusing the visitors.

WordPress Design Tricks That Will Save You Time And BoostBuy Theme Open Demo

Make sure the navigation bar is where the visitors expect it to be, don’t clutter your layout with ads and carefully consider the number of sidebars your buyers will need. Also worth considering is the one-page versus multiple-page layout, as well as boxed versus wide layout dilemma. Each niche has its own preferences, and it’s wise to research your target market and determine what they’re looking for and what appeals to them. Even the world’s best WordPress design tricks won’t help you if you ignore the wishes of your potential buyers.

Social Media Is No Longer Optional

Social media is no longer used only to connect with friends and family; it’s one of the most powerful marketing tools, and your buyers know that. Make sharing seamless, intuitive and compelling. One of the often overlooked WordPress design tricks are custom social icons. The official icons make calls to external servers and can increase loading times and actual size of your theme, especially if you choose to include a lot of them. While the difference isn’t always drastic on a desktop computer, your mobile visitors will surely notice, particularly those browsing on 3G networks.

WordPress Design Tricks That Will Save You Time And BoostBuy Theme Open Demo

WordPress Design Tricks To Simplify Customization

WordPress is famous for customizability and ease of use, so don’t make your theme too complicated for a beginner to use. You need to provide your buyers with enough predefined layouts and elements that they can set up a website without having to write a single line of code. Different versions of the homepage, additional pages they might find useful, predefined shortcodes and a powerful, yet intuitive options panel are a must if you want to stand out.

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