WordPress Development Best Practices For Quicker Results And Better Sales

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WordPress Development Best Practices For Quicker Results And Better...

Even though your ultimate goal is a creative, unique theme or plugin, there are still some WordPress development best practices and industry standards you’ll want to follow if you want to end up with a theme people will actually want to buy. From the appealing design and third-party theme market requirements, to innovative features and code optimization, WordPress development can be a real minefield if you’re not prepared well. Luckily, we’ve got a few tips and tricks you can use throughout the development process.

WordPress Development Best Practices That Will Make Your Buyer’s Life Easier

You’ve got this great idea for your next WordPress theme, you’re sure the design will sweep your potential buyers off their feet and now you just want to get the development process over with. However, you need to keep in mind that the overall look and feel of your theme is only the first step of actually completing a sale. In addition to stunning design, you need to make sure your theme actually works and is easy to use.

WordPress Development Best Practices For Quicker Results And Better...Buy Theme Open Demo

Code organization and comments are one of those WordPress development best practices that are so important that even third-party markets are paying attention. Comments make reading, writing, and maintaining the code a lot easier for everyone – whether it’s your buyers trying to implement a new feature, or you, revisiting your theme months down the road and tweaking the code. To add to the value to your theme, you’ll want to make sure the code is well-structured, and every feature you think your buyers might not be familiar with is thoroughly commented.

Choose Plugins Carefully

Unless you want to develop your own plugins, you’ll definitely have to consider including third-party plugins to your theme in order to cover all the features your potential buyers are looking for. However, the last thing you want to do here is cut corners. Plugins you include can considerably affect the overall performance of your theme, and not only that – you’ll also need to make sure they’re compatible with the latest version of WordPress each time it’s updated.

WordPress Development Best Practices For Quicker Results And Better...Buy Theme Open Demo

Debug, Debug, Debug

One of the most important WordPress development best practices is definitely ensuring the code is bug-free. While debugging is turned off by default in WordPress, turning it on is quite simple, and the benefits it brings pretty much countless. To enable debug mode simple search this line on your wp-config.php and change it to TRUE.

define( WP_DEBUG, true );

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