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WordPress Development Secrets No One Told You About Developing Themes

WordPress Development Secrets No One Told You About

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WordPress Development Secrets No One Told You About Developing Themes

We’re always on the hunt for new tips, tricks and WordPress development secrets that can improve and speed up the development process. At the end of the day, that’s exactly the goal of every developer: to deliver stunning design, immaculate performance, and boost sales without spending months stuck writing the code. Read on to find out how to improve WordPress development and get better results faster.

Debugging Is Your Best Friend

The moment you sit down to start writing the code of your plugin, you’ll want to enable debugging. To enable debug mode, go to your wp-config.php and simply place:
define('WP_DEBUG', true);

While it may not be one of the world’s best kept WordPress development secrets, you’d be surprised how many developers overlook this neat little trick. Debugging will allow you to see all warnings and issues along with other messages like deprecated WordPress function notices. The last thing you want is to find out one of the functions you included is scheduled to be discontinued when you finish writing the code.

WordPress Development Secrets No One Told You About Developing ThemesBuy Theme Open Demo

Documentation – One Of The Most Important WordPress Development Secrets

Many developers believe that writing a theme’s documentation means copying and pasting a few frequently asked questions and generic descriptions into a Word file and including it with the rest of the theme files. However, if you want to ensure perfect usability, you’ll also want to pay close attention to the code itself, and, more precisely, the code comments.

Not only will this add to the appeal of your theme when it comes to other developer that might end up using your theme as the starting point for their own themes, but it will also help you understand the code when you revisit it months, even a year down the road. So, what are the WordPress development secrets of most successful developers? They all write comments wherever the code might be tricky to understand, to explain custom features, and even to organize the code itself for better usability. Make sure the comments are informative, precise and concise to get the message across without any unnecessary fluff.

WordPress Development Secrets No One Told You About Developing ThemesBuy Theme Open Demo

Internationalization Will Boost The Reach Of Your Theme

Internationalization also known as i18n (there are 18 letters between the i and n) is the icing on the cake of a plugin or theme. Almost half of the WordPress users are not native English speakers, which means that internationalization is one of the most effective WordPress development secrets to get you more exposure around the world and boost the sales. To put it in a nutshell, internationalization doesn’t mean you have to translate your plugin or theme into each and every language. Instead, it means optimizing your theme so that other developers and translators can easily translate it.

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