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3 Killer WordPress Development Tips That Will Make Your ...

3 Killer WordPress Development Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

By April 21, 2015 Blog No Comments
3 Killer WordPress Development Tips That Will Make Your ...

Anyone can learn how to develop WordPress themes, but not everyone can develop a theme people will actually want to buy. So, what is it that all the best-selling themes have in common? The key to a great WordPress theme is pretty simple: you have to make sure you understand the universal rules and the best practices of theme development and follow them each and every time. These three simple WordPress development tips will help you get started on the right track and design a theme that packs a punch.

Mobile Is King

After Google updated its mobile algorithm, mobile optimization is no longer optional, which means rankings of the websites that haven’t been optimized for mobile devices will take a serious blow. So, how does this affect you? Your buyers will be looking for mobile-friendly themes, and if you don’t make responsiveness one of your top priorities, you’re risking losing many, if not all potential buyers.

3 Killer WordPress Development Tips That Will Make Your ...Buy Theme Open Demo

There are three possible ways to go. You can either build your theme using a responsive framework such as Bootstrap, learn how to code responsive themes yourself, or use a responsive WordPress plugin that will convert your theme into a responsive one. If you decide to follow just one of our WordPress development tips, make sure it’s this one.

Test Your Theme

Make sure you’re checking your code for bugs and errors as you’re writing it, and ensure your theme is cross-broswer compatible. Keep in mind that a theme is considered cross-browser compatible only if it looks and performs the same way regardless of the browser used. This includes mobile browsers, as well as desktop computers. There are many different testing services online that check your theme’s browser compatibility for all the major devices for you and provide you with automated screenshots so you can check the design and quickly identify layout and rendering bugs.

3 Killer WordPress Development Tips That Will Make Your ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Vital WordPress Development Tips For A Better Code

When developing themes, particularly those other developers may use, it’s a good idea to follow the basic WordPress coding standards. Not only will this make your life easier down the road if you decide to revisit and update your code, include new features, or use it to code a new theme, but it will make your theme much easier to sell. Many marketplaces require the code to meet specific standards before letting you start selling your theme, so, while a poorly organized code might not affect your theme’s performance or design, following coding standards is still one of the most important WordPress development tips if you want to develop a theme people will want to buy.

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