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3 Essential WordPress Elements Every Theme Should Have

3 Essential WordPress Elements Every Theme Should Have

By November 3, 2015 Blog No Comments
3 Essential WordPress Elements Every Theme Should Have

WordPress is an incredibly powerful platform that enables its users to do pretty much anything – whether it’s setting up a simple coming soon page or a complex online store that handles payments, shipping and taxes effortlessly. And it’s more popular than ever – just last year WordPress accounted for 18.9% of all websites, which is an incredible number. No wonder then that so many developers decide to join the industry and develop premium themes to earn some extra cash on the side. The number of themes and developers keeps growing each day, which means standing out and being different has never been more important. Yet, all the best-selling themes have certain WordPress elements in common. Which ones? Read on to find out!

It All Starts With The Buyer

Long before you even touch the keyboard, you need to figure out what your theme is going to look like. The first step towards designing the theme that sells: defining your ideal buyer! You need to clearly define your target audience and then figure out what appeals to them. You’ll definitely approach the entire project differently if you were working on a theme for a law office than you would if you were working on a wedding photography WordPress theme, as each niche requires different WordPress elements.

3 Essential WordPress Elements Every Theme Should HaveBuy Theme Open Demo

Essential WordPress Elements Of A Powerful Theme

Important WordPress elements don’t cover just the design aspects – you need to figure out the functionalities your ideal buyer will be looking for. For example, even the world’s fastest and most appealing portfolio page won’t do you any good if you’re targeting attorneys. Look what’s already out there, figure out what the standard requirements are for the themes aimed at that particular niche, and ensure you provide your potential buyers with everything they need to set up a website that works out of the box.

Go That Extra Mile

Social sharing is a vital element of any modern website – the visitor needs to be able to share the content wherever they are with a single click of their mouse, without having to copy any links or hunting down the social widget. Social sharing buttons are not effective only on the blog page – they can be used in online stores as well, and you can take them a step further by creating custom icons. Sure, you can use a third-party icon pack, but there are countless themes out there using the same icon pack. By using completely custom WordPress elements such as social icons, not only will they match the overall look and feel of your theme much better, but they’ll leave a more favorable impression of a one-of-a-kind theme.

3 Essential WordPress Elements Every Theme Should HaveBuy Theme Open Demo

Learning to develop WordPress themes isn’t hard. What’s really challenging is developing WordPress themes that people will actually want to pay for. However, if you pay attention to the crucial WordPress elements such as features and current design trends, and adapt them to fit your target audience, you’ll be well on your way to developing a best-selling theme.

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