3 Common WordPress Mistakes Beginners Make (And How To Avoid Them)

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3 Common WordPress Mistakes Beginners Make (And How To Avoid Them)

Considering the popularity of WordPress and the number of developers jumping on the bandwagon to earn some extra cash on the side, the incredible amounts of WordPress code being written on a daily basis shouldn’t come as a surprise. There are countless websites out there with WordPress tutorials and how-to guides with low quality code examples some beginners simply copy and paste. As a result, there are some common WordPress mistakes many beginners make, whether because they found a poorly-written tutorial online or because they were rushing to finish writing the code. Here are top 3 WordPress mistakes you need to stop making today!

Make Sure You’re Updating WordPress Regularly

Being an early adopter can often be a double-edged sword: while you’re getting the latest and greatest new features, you also risk running into a new bug that hasn’t yet been fixed. This is why many developers wait too long to update pretty much any piece of software or system, including WordPress. Not running the latest version is one of those WordPress mistakes that not only affect the functionality, but also pose a serious security threat to you and your buyers.

3 Common WordPress Mistakes Beginners Make (And How To Avoid Them)Buy Theme Open Demo

Plugins Versus Themes

There has been a discussion in the WordPress industry for years now whether to code special features into your theme or develop a separate plugin. While technically neither of the two options falls under the category of WordPress mistakes, it’s still a burning question. When working on a cool new functionality, ask yourself if it will work with other themes. If not, develop a separate plugin. For example, imagine you add a custom post type and your buyers go absolutely crazy over it. However, months, even years down the road, they decide to switch to a new theme and find out all of their custom posts are incompatible with the new theme.

If you separate custom features into a standalone plugin, your users will be able to keep using them regardless of the theme, and they can also easily disable the features and use their own. For example, if they’re not fans of the social sharing buttons you developed, they can easily disable them and use a third-party plugin to solve the problem.

3 Common WordPress Mistakes Beginners Make (And How To Avoid Them)Buy Theme Open Demo

WordPress Mistakes Can Ruin Your Reputation

In one of our previous posts we mentioned WordPress Coding Standards, four sets of best practices when writing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. However, many beginners don’t even realize that Coding Standards are a part of the single most useful development resource for WordPress developers. Available in almost 50 languages, the WordPress Codex contains documentation on almost every single function, class and variable within WordPress, how to use them and code examples. Most WordPress mistakes are essentially results of not paying attention to WordPress Codex, so in order to build a reputation of a reliable and established developer, make sure you bookmark it and keep it handy.

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