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WordPress Plugins: We Did The Research So You Won't ...

WordPress Plugins: We Did The Research So You Won’t Have To

By November 18, 2014 Blog No Comments
WordPress Plugins: We Did The Research So You Won't ...

One of the greatest strengths of WordPress is its support for plugins. It’s also one of its biggest weaknesses. WordPress plugins can extend the functionality of your website in a matter of seconds, and with almost 35,000 plugins in WordPress directory alone, the possibilities are endless. However, using a wrong plugin can render your website useless. Today we’re sharing a few tips to help you find the best WordPress plugins, and avoid some common pitfalls associated with bad ones.

Don’t Be Afraid Of WordPress Plugins

Yes, there are some pitfalls associated with using WordPress plugins, however, the benefits of using them are much greater than the potential pitfalls, which can be easily avoided anyway. All you need is some common sense and basic knowledge of best WordPress practices. Plugins are essentially just added code to your theme, and some of the best WordPress plugins are incredibly lightweight and well-organized, which can improve the loading time of your website, as well as functionality. The number of plugins you use for your website is determined by your needs alone. If they’re high quality, it doesn’t matter how many plugins you use.

WordPress Plugins: We Did The Research So You Won't ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Don’t Overdo It

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to use fifty widgets. When choosing WordPress plugins for your website, consider the value they bring. Do you really need that MySpace plugin, knowing almost no one uses the network anymore? Use only plugins you know your visitors will benefit from, and make sure you use the best ones available. Check out the website of the developer, the ratings, and the date of the last update of the plugin you’re thinking about using. If it smell fishy, you’ll probably be better not using it.

Even though it doesn’t really matter how many plugins you use, it’s crucial which plugins you use. The more plugins you include in your theme, the greater the chances are of plugin conflict. When choosing WordPress plugins for your website, think if you really need them, who developed them, and consider the quality and usability. Even the best plugin is useless if another plugin blocks it.

WordPress Plugins: We Did The Research So You Won't ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Update Your Plugins

This might sound like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people spend hours and hours troubleshooting a problem with their website, only to realize the plugins they were using weren’t up to date. Few months ago, WordPress 4.0 was released to public, bringing new features and fixing bugs. Make sure all of the WordPress plugins you’re using are up to date to ensure your theme is up to WordPress 4.0 standards, and performs smoothly. Even though the plugin may function long after an update has been released, keep in mind that out of date plugins are prime targets of those looking for security weaknesses.

All the best web developers have an arsenal of plugins they can’t live without, but keep in mind that your selection of WordPress plugins can make or break your theme. Follow these simple tips in order to ensure your theme works seamlessly and achieves all of your goals without any fuss.

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