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Optimize Your WordPress Theme Design Process: 4 Produc...

Optimize Your WordPress Theme Design Process: 4 Productivity Tips For Developers

By January 24, 2015 Blog No Comments
Optimize Your WordPress Theme Design Process: 4 Produc...

Almost every designer will tell you that much of their work is repetitive. When developing WordPress themes, you will find yourself doing the same tasks with minor adjustments over and over again. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or you’re just starting out in the industry, there are certain shortcuts that can considerably speed up your WordPress theme design process.

Start With A Quality Blank WordPress Theme

Starter WordPress themes can cut the time you spend on developing your theme almost in half by reducing the amount of code you need to write. They come with basic WordPress PHP, CSS, and HTML code and theme files, providing you with a basic structure for your theme. Having this basic structure already coded, you don’t have to do it every time you start developing a theme. Some of the blank themes come with a responsive layout, which means you won’t have to create it yourself. Majority of developers use blank themes as a starting point, which means most of the popular blank themes have already been used, tested, and had majority, if not all bugs fixed.

Optimize Your WordPress Theme Design Process: 4 Produc...Buy Theme Open Demo

Create Your Own Theme Template

If you find yourself developing themes for the same industry or niche with similar requirements and needs, but don’t feel safe using other people’s blank themes, you should consider creating your own customizable template to use the next time you’re designing a similar theme. Developers and designers often use child themes to speed up the WordPress Theme design process by simply creating a new style.css file in a new folder. Child themes are easy to extend, safe to update, but if you need to implement major changes, maybe you would be better off creating a custom theme.

Speed Up Your WordPress Theme Design Process With Plugins

In addition to the general design and the layout, features you include will help your theme stand out and appeal to your potential buyers. That can only happen in two cases: if they’re the features your buyers need and if they’re well-implemented. Plugins should solve a specific problem or provide an essential function, and instead of coding your own plugins, you can go with some pre-built, premium or free third-party plugins. Just like the blank themes, all popular third-party plugins have already been used countless times, tested, and are proven to work. They not only speed up your WordPress theme design process, but they also ensure the functionality and provide you with most of the features buyers ask for.

Optimize Your WordPress Theme Design Process: 4 Produc...Buy Theme Open Demo

Make It Easy For Your Buyers

When developing a theme, keep your buyers in mind as well. You need to offer them easy customization options, and many developers choose to create their own custom theme options panels. This will enable your buyers to customize your theme quickly and without having to know how to code, and if you throw in some useful custom codes, your theme will stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

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