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4 WordPress Theme Design Trends To Look Out For This Summer

4 WordPress Theme Design Trends To Look Out For This Summer

By May 30, 2015 Blog No Comments
4 WordPress Theme Design Trends To Look Out For This Summer

Learning how to code will only get you so far when it comes to developing premium WordPress themes. Your potential buyers aren’t looking just for flawless code and themes that perform seamlessly; your potential buyers are looking for themes that will help them set up websites that impress the visitors the moment they land there. This means that keeping up with the latest WordPress theme design trends is absolutely vital if you want to develop themes that people will actually want to buy. To help you catch up with the latest and greatest trends, we put together this list of trends to look out for this summer.

The Future Of Design Is Already Here. And It’s Responsive

Mobile devices are accounting for more web traffic than ever before, and while responsive design is by no means new, it is one of the most important WordPress theme design trends. In fact, responsiveness is so important that even Google recently updated the search algorithm to give mobile-friendly websites considerably better rankings, which means responsive design is no longer optional. Your buyers will be looking for responsive themes, so make sure you give them what they’re looking for.

4 WordPress Theme Design Trends To Look Out For This SummerBuy Theme Open Demo

Go Big, Or Go Home

This is one of those WordPress theme design trends that, even though may not bring actual functionality to your theme, will instantly make you stand out from the crowd: big, beautiful backgrounds! Days of solid colors used as the website background are long gone. Thanks to faster broadband speeds, more and more websites are using large image backgrounds, while some are even switching to video backgrounds. Combined with creative and bold typography, image backgrounds can bring any website to life and leave a great impression on visitors.

WordPress Theme Design Trends Are Changing The Way We Interact With Websites

This is yet another one of the mobile-inspired WordPress theme design trends. Instead of forcing the visitors to click endlessly through a bunch of menus until they give up and abandon the website, scrolling boosts visitor engagement, provides a smoother browsing experience without interruptions while the pages load, it’s more intuitive, and easier to do. Combined with parallax effects, scrolling will not only lower the number of pages, but it will also allow you to tell your story in a more dynamic and immersive way.

4 WordPress Theme Design Trends To Look Out For This SummerBuy Theme Open Demo

Unleash The Full Potential Of Your Themes

While designing an appealing theme is important to grab the attention of your potential buyers, you will also want to provide them with everything they need to set up a truly unique website without having to mess around with coding. Things like child themes, custom options panel, multiple homepage layouts, custom shortcodes and other customization tools will not only make your theme easier to use, but will also add to the appeal of it, which inevitably leads to better sales.

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