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4 Things Every WordPress Theme Developer Should Know ...

4 Things Every WordPress Theme Developer Should Know About Developing Premium Themes

By May 25, 2015 Blog No Comments
4 Things Every WordPress Theme Developer Should Know ...

Becoming a WordPress theme developer has never been easier. There are countless courses and tutorials online covering pretty much every aspect of WordPress development. However, becoming a successful WordPress theme developer is a completely different story. The number of people using WordPress to set up websites is increasing, sure, but so is the number of developers trying to stand out with fresh new designs. Check out these 4 simple tips that will help you develop a theme that people will actually want to buy.

Design To Impress

The saying that your first impression is usually your only impression is true, especially when it comes to design. No matter how well-written the theme code is, even the most talented WordPress theme developer will fail to sell it if the look and feel of the theme doesn’t grab the attention of potential buyers the moment they see it. This means you’ll want to pay close attention not only to the design of your theme, but the demo content as well. Whether you decide to include the content with the theme files or not, you need to make sure you’re using captivating images and videos, and interesting copy that adds to the overall appeal of your theme.

4 Things Every WordPress Theme Developer Should Know ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Make It Widget-Ready

Regardless if you’re developing a premium or a free theme, you’ll want to make sure your theme supports widgets. Widgetizing your theme is not only easy, but it is also a very good idea if you’re working on custom functionality such as custom posts, for example. Implementing features like that through a widget will save you a lot of headache down the road. Not only will your buyers be able to keep the custom posts if they decide to switch to a different theme, but you as a WordPress theme developer will be able to reuse the same feature in the other themes you’re working on.

A Successful WordPress Theme Developer Works Smarter, Not Harder

Every WordPress theme developer should begin the development process from the end – the end-user, that is. In order to develop a theme that sells, you need to know who your ideal buyer is. How else will you know which features and layouts to include, or even which colors and fonts to use? Clearly defining your ideal buyers will not only help you stay on the right track when writing the code and avoid cluttering the theme with useless, flashy features and design elements your buyers will never use, but it will also help you figure out how and where to market your theme to ensure maximum reach.

4 Things Every WordPress Theme Developer Should Know ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Ensure Ease Of Use

Chances are, many of your buyers will actually be other developers that will use your theme as a starter theme to develop their own themes, implement new features and customize the code. But your theme should still provide everything an absolute beginner needs to set up a website and customize it to their own needs. Including things like a custom options panel, predefined shortcodes, extensive theme documentation and even a few tutorials will add to the appeal of your theme and make you stand out as a professional WordPress theme developer.

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