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Top WordPress Theme Development Tips To Help You Be...

Top WordPress Theme Development Tips To Help You Become A Bestselling Designer

By November 26, 2014 Blog No Comments
Top WordPress Theme Development Tips To Help You Be...

If you’re trying to earn some extra cash on the side, or you’re actually looking for a full time job in web design, these WordPress theme development tips might be the right thing for you. WordPress developer community is one of the largest design communities out there, and it keeps on growing. If you think your talent and your skills are good enough to help you make money, it’s the right time to join in.

However, considering the number of people trying to sell themes online, you should make sure your theme not only appeals to your buyers, but also stands out when it comes to both aesthetics and functionality. In order to sell more, you have to offer more, it’s that simple. If you’re trying to design a killer theme that will sell like crazy, follow these simple WordPress theme development tips.

Buyers Are Looking For Value, Not The Lowest Price

Regardless of the industry, your buyers are looking for the same thing: the perfect theme that will work seamlessly, offer as many tools they need as possible, and help them get more exposure. When it comes to doing business of any sort, it’s value that counts the most, not only the price. How is your theme going to make your buyer’s life easier? Sure, including an endless list of plugins will definitely make you stand out, but what’s the point of including every available plugin if your buyers will never use them?

Top WordPress Theme Development Tips To Help You Be...Buy Theme Open Demo

By defining the niche you want to sell your theme to, the entire design process will be much simpler. You will know which plugins to include, additional layouts your buyers might need, and even the color scheme that will appeal to them the most. Start your design process right: define the industry, list only the plugins you need to include, and sketch your layout.

One Of The Most Important WordPress Theme Development Tips: Your Code Has To Be Immaculate

Keep in mind that not everyone is going to use your theme the way you designed it. This is why your code has to be immaculate. Great developers document their themes to the smallest detail, so their buyers will be able to easily edit the code and add or remove features. You might even end up selling your theme to other developers, and if you want them to keep buying themes from you, you better make it as easy as possible for them to tweak your designs.

Top WordPress Theme Development Tips To Help You Be...Buy Theme Open Demo

Give Your Buyers Options, But Not Too Many

Providing your buyers with as many options to tweak their website is a double-edged sword. While you do want to give them options to adjust your design to fit their needs, you don’t want to overwhelm them with too many options. Keep in mind that you won’t be selling only to other developers, so your theme settings have to be intuitive and simple enough even for beginners to understand.

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