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3 WordPress Theme Development Tricks Every Developer

3 WordPress Theme Development Tricks Every Developer Should Know

By April 17, 2015 Blog No Comments
3 WordPress Theme Development Tricks Every Developer

There are countless WordPress theme development tricks out there to help you save large amounts of time, create a truly unique theme and offer incredible features. However, even the most appealing theme won’t do you any favors if it hasn’t been optimized for seamless performance. To help you get started on the right track, here are three essential tips for developing WordPress themes that sell like hotcakes.

Internationalization Can Make Or Break Your Theme

This might be one of the most important WordPress theme development tricks for premium theme developers. It doesn’t matter how you plan to sell your themes, be it through your own online store or one of the popular theme markets, you have to keep in mind that a considerable number of your buyers aren’t native English speakers. This means you have to optimize your themes so that they can be easily translated into other languages.

3 WordPress Theme Development Tricks Every DeveloperBuy Theme Open Demo

The good news is that internationalization is not too complicated. The base translation function is __() (that’s a double-underscore function). It will take the original string, translate it based on the localization settings, and return the translated string. While it may take you some time to familiarize yourself with other internationalization functions, it will definitely be well-worth your time.

Use WordPress Libraries

You should always make sure you check if what you’re trying to do is possible to do with the original WordPress functions and libraries. This will not only save you from writing countless lines of code for a feature that already exists, but it will also make your theme less prone to vulnerabilities. One of the most popular WordPress theme development tricks is using get_template_part() instead of require() or include() PHP functions. While they essentially do the same thing, the former one already knows where your theme is and where to look for a suitable replacement without fatal warnings if the file is not immediately found.

3 WordPress Theme Development Tricks Every DeveloperBuy Theme Open Demo

WordPress Theme Development Tricks To Clean Up Your Source Code

In order to make both your and your buyer’s life a lot easier, you should make sure your theme’s code is well-organized and intuitively structured. While a messy code doesn’t always have to affect the performance, it will make customization and implementation of new features a lot easier later on. Some of the most basic WordPress theme development tricks for a cleaner code are indenting nested lines, using tabs for indentation instead of spaces, and writing descriptive comments. You should also check for any deprecated functions in your theme. These are the functions that have been replaced by new ones or are no longer supported, and may be removed from future versions.

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