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Must-Have WordPress Theme Features That Will Turn Your ...

Must-Have WordPress Theme Features That Will Turn Your Theme Into A Viral Bestseller

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Must-Have WordPress Theme Features That Will Turn Your ...

Just like fashion, the world of WordPress development is constantly evolving with new fads and trends, but unlike the fashion industry, where design reigns over everything, developing for WordPress is much more than matching the colors and finding interesting fonts. In order to develop a theme people will actually want to buy, you will have to make sure the theme actually appeals to your potential buyer, is meticulously coded, well-documented, and provides your buyers with most, if not all the features they’re looking for. Read on to find out everything about the latest trends when it comes to WordPress theme features!

Sliders Are Huge Right Now! Literally!

Imagery is a vital element of any website, and what better way to grab the attention of visitors the moment they land on a website than with an immersive showcase of stunning photography? Whether full-width or boxed, image or video-based, sliders are one of the most sought-after WordPress theme features, and they’re perfect for almost any industry, regardless if you’re developing for photographers, designers, restaurant or even spa owners. To take it a step further, consider including several styles of sliders to appeal to as many buyers as possible.

Must-Have WordPress Theme Features That Will Turn Your ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Shortcodes And Widgets Are No Longer Optional

WordPress is all about customizability, which means you will want to provide your buyers with everything they need to set up a website that perfectly meets all their needs without wasting their time looking for tweaks and messing with code. This is where shortcodes come in handy. They enable users to quickly add elements such as buttons, accordions, sliders, tables, testimonials, and even complex surveys without writing a single line of code.

WordPress widgets will allow your buyers to add static and dynamic content, from the list of the most recent posts, tweets, Instagram pictures to more complex things like the weather and contact to the widgetized areas of your theme such as the sidebar, header, and footer. If you don’t feel comfortable coding your own widgets, you should consider including third-party widgets, or at least optimizing your code to make the theme widget-friendly so your buyers can add widgets themselves.

Must-Have WordPress Theme Features That Will Turn Your ...Buy Theme Open Demo

WordPress Theme Features That Enable Users To Do More

There’s no denying the fact that social media is changing the way we communicate, learn, and even do business, which means that optimizing your theme for social media should be one of your top priorities. Incorporating social media into a theme can help the content reach more people as visitors share it with their fans and followers. The best and most successful themes have these tools built in, without the addition of plugins.

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