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Boost Your Sales! WordPress Theme Marketing Guide To ...

Boost Your Sales! WordPress Theme Marketing Guide To Help You Sell More

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Boost Your Sales! WordPress Theme Marketing Guide To ...

Best-selling WordPress themes have so much more in common than just outstanding design. What’s the point of developing the world’s best theme if no one ever hears about it? In order to actually make money developing themes, you will have to become a business person and a great marketer. While the demand for WordPress themes is on the rise, so is the supply, which means you will have to find the best WordPress theme marketing strategy in order to attract potential buyers. Strapped for ideas? Look no further!

WordPress Theme Marketing Starts Long Before You Write A Single Line Of Code

It’s been often said that the design process begins at the end – by defining the target audience. Once you determine who you’re trying to sell your theme for, the design process will be much more straightforward. You’ll know which features your buyers will be looking for, best design practices that will appeal to them, and even the most optimal WordPress theme marketing technique. Figure out what they like, what they’re looking for, and where they spend their time in order to get on their radar, and it’ll save you from a lot of headaches later on.

Boost Your Sales! WordPress Theme Marketing Guide To ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Going Solo Or Joining A Marketplace?

Many developers decide to set up their own portfolio website, and if you end up doing the same, make sure you enable your visitors to easily and without too much fuss preview and buy the theme they like, either by adding a merchant PayPal button, or setting up a custom shopping cart system for your online store. However, you need to keep in mind that your job will involve much more than simply setting up a website. You’ll have to take care of marketing, website maintenance, as well as hosting expenses.

If you don’t feel like doing that much work, you can always join a theme marketplace. It comes with tons of benefits, and some drawbacks. For example, you won’t have to worry about the website maintenance, and these marketplaces get an insane amount of web traffic on a daily basis, which means your chances of getting discovered by a potential buyer are much better. However, keep in mind that you’ll be competing with many other developers targeting the same buyers, so you’ll want to make sure your theme stands out for all the right reasons and appeals to your potential buyers.

Boost Your Sales! WordPress Theme Marketing Guide To ...Buy Theme Open Demo

Free Stuff For Everyone!

People love free stuff, whether they need it or not. This doesn’t mean you have to give away all the themes and plugins you ever developed for free, but you should consider a limited offer on one of your themes that haven’t performed well. This way you’ll manage to boost the sales of the theme, and get some much-needed attention from your potential buyers. Some of them will come for the free stuff, and end up buying a premium theme.

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