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3 WordPress Trends That Will Rule 2016!

3 WordPress Trends That Will Rule 2016!

By December 8, 2015 Blog No Comments
3 WordPress Trends That Will Rule 2016!

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular content management systems, and it’s for good reason – it allows its users to set up powerful, unique websites without having to get into the nitty-gritty details of the code. Considering that the growth of the number of users isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, it’s no wonder that many developers choose to jump on the bandwagon and start developing themes for this popular platform. However, WordPress has come a long way from being a simple blogging platform. If you’re considering developing a WordPress theme, or you’re considering purchasing a theme for your website, we gathered 3 WordPress trends that will help you stand out in 2016.

Be Careful With Hamburger Menus

Hamburger menus seem to have the design industry divided in two camps: those against them and those defending it. It’s understandable why they are one of the hottest WordPress trends right now – they provide you with a neat solution to tuck away all of the navigation behind a single icon. While some might argue that it’s not intuitive, hamburger menus have been around for quite some time now and people are getting used to seeing it around, from mobile devices to desktop computers.

3 WordPress Trends That Will Rule 2016!Buy Theme Open Demo

However, just because web users are getting used to seeing it around the web, it doesn’t mean it’s the best solution for the WordPress theme you’re currently working on! Because the navigation is tucked away, the visitors will have fewer cues to keep browsing the website, and might end up not leaving the blog page to check out the products, which they might have done had the developer used the traditional navigation.

WordPress Trends Based On Motion

High-speed Internet has definitely changed the way we design websites, and WordPress trends are the prime example of how much things have changed. 2015 was the year fullscreen video backgrounds became popular, and its popularity will only keep growing in 2016. What we’ll definitely be seeing more of are rich animations throughout the website, from parallax scrolling and pop-up notifications to spinners, hover tools and loading bars.

3 WordPress Trends That Will Rule 2016!Buy Theme Open Demo

Responsive Design Is Here To Stay!

It’s safe to say that responsive design isn’t going anywhere any time soon. And since mobile-friendliness has become a major factor in search engine optimization, your potential buyers will be looking for themes that have been optimized for seamless performance across all devices, making responsive design one of those WordPress trends that can make or break your sales!

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